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The Fortune of Ruling in the Pure World # 17

Creating_Heaven_Inside_ Ourselves_17 Mohini_Didi June 17, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is in heavenly feelings after listening to the words during meditation and creating that awareness, intoxication. The quality of our purity is that it naturally changes into divinity. Brahma Baba sat in front of his gadhi, pointed at a picture of Sri Krishna and said, “This is what I’m going to become tomorrow.” How many of us have this intoxication, that I’m going to become a deity tomorrow? To have that experience for one hour or two hours is different. What is needed now is that it should be consistent. Hermits, saints and sages also live the life of purity and Baba praises their purity by saying their purity supports Bharat. Our purity is of soul-consciousness, remembrance of One, mind and intellect with just One. The quality of our purity changes into divinity. Today also, Baba said in murli that you are becoming worship-worthy. It’s so much different these days. There are many human gurus and they are really worshiped, but that is in the iron age. In the beginning of the copper age, the worship was of the highest, charitable and divine ones and we are those souls, right? It’s interesting to think how every pure thought is going into my physical system, every thought. Nothing you can say hasn’t gone in the body. When we are attentive, then we know that when we look at those idols in temples, their eyes, their hands, their feet, everything is worship-worthy. People will touch the eyes, the feet, then touch themselves. Think about it and create that experience of a worship-worthy soul.

On one hand, I know Brahma Baba always used to say, don’t take service from anyone. You cook for yourself, you do everything for yourself. That’s very easy in the USA, because you don’t get much help, you have to do everything. On the other side is your status, what you are becoming. Our sweetness is so natural. A lot of people try to be sweet, but it’s not real. Our care for each other. I really like this term of spiritual sympathy which Baba said. After that I really asked myself what is spiritual sympathy? Our sympathy is not helping the poor, or external. Our sympathy is to help the soul on this spiritual journey and those who are not on journey. Inspire them that wherever they are on their journey, physical and spiritual, they now have to see the path further, that is to become perfect. I know there is a lot of attention on words. We have to read murli in the morning, we speak God’s versions, but if we use ordinary words, and then we speak God’s words, the impact and the trust will be a percentage. We’ll keep reminding ourselves that this mouth is being used for God’s versions. Then every word we speak during the day amongst ourselves has to be polite, sweet, respectful and meaningful. The whole magic is in the eyes. Baba mentions the temple of Lakshmi-Narayan in Delhi. When I was a student of journalism, my college was next door to the temple. I had love for those idols of Lakshmi-Narayan and would go 15 minutes before school to look at them. They were very tall, beautiful marble statues of Lakshmi-Narayan, but it was their eyes that were so beautiful. I would go, take drishti, then I will go to college. This is what we’re becoming, whether Lakshmi-Narayan or Sri Krishna. Baba used to have so much super-sensuous joy, so much. When Baba spoke murli, one of his toes used to dance. That was his joy, intoxication, and happiness. One is soul-consciousness, but the other is that our whole sense organs also go beyond the physical experience and experience something from deep within the self. That’s when you are in a super-sensuous joy. I think that these few years of the confluence age, let us be in this super-sensuous joy, let us be happy all the time. They say everything goes in the body, every thought goes in the matter. Whether it’s body or unlimited matter, it comes back to you.

We are in this US meeting, and I liked how Sister Kiran was helping us to understand the guidelines for operating Baba’s yagya, organization. I thought that these are ruling sanskars. Brother Eric always reminds us that you can only be peaceful if you do everything in the right way. Anything you haven’t done the right way, you can’t have peace. You can sit and experience peace, but then you will have difficulties. I thought that today our homework practice is about ruling the pure world. So we are establishing it. Whether it is operating guidelines, our charter, an international procedure, manual, whatever, they have worked a lot. I remember when we created the international procedure manual, myself, Ken, and one other person, it took us about a year to cover everything of Baba’s yagya, so that tomorrow, this becomes like a world constitution and we are masters of the world, benefactors of the world. Keep reminding ourselves of our new kingdom, how it is being established, and Baba is preparing us to be accurate, clear and honest. Today, Baba today reminded, nothing is mine, so we have to present it to Baba. It’s Baba’s, but still we present it to Baba. When we were young Brahmins, Didi Manmohini was our charge, and she was very firm. She really believed in truth and honesty. If any of us took account, she would smile. It’s Baba’s money, right? I’m telling Baba. He doesn’t know? He knows what comes in Baba’s bandara, but if I give an account and I don’t give an exact account, Baba knows. Very interesting, very subtle and all these beautiful qualities of us manifest into ruling the kingdom of pure souls.

Om Shanti

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