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The Experience Of Contentment #17

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_17 Mohini_Didi April 17,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Whenever we want to understand and do something, we start reflecting, and reflection makes everything clear. Like even Baba had spoken of two things. Whatever the circumstances, the situations, whatever is happening, look at all of it as a puppet show. It's simple, but can we really do that? That means we enjoy, we are entertained. I had been observing over the last few days that Baba said, “When there is a storm, there's some gift that comes with that.” So, I've been observing how Drama is simple, but very complicated, because of the karmic accounts. I have been watching how the souls are influenced, get caught up, get deceived or deceive others, and it's happening more and more. So, we have to be as Baba said a few days ago, that nothing should be done because of bondage. Something that is a pressure, and you haven't decided, but you just do it. Very subtly, all over in the lokik and also in the alokik world, this is happening in relationships with money, sharing, any kind. So, how do we stay very clean and not be deceived? I remember Dadi Janki used to say, “Nobody should be able to deceive you.” One, of course, is that you should not deceive anyone, and deceiving is what we call in Hindi “Dhoka”, like frauds. So, what is the connection here? In the Avyakti signal, Baba is saying that as you become complete, there will be more important effects, and whatever happens should not affect your stage. That is why Baba keeps saying to follow shrimat, because there are a lot of settling of karmic accounts by being influenced. I remember Dadi Janki used to say so many times, “Don't be impressed by anyone.’ One is being influenced, the other is getting impressed. People sometimes are so nice, polite, and sweet. So, how to keep our stage, and that it is a personal chart, also our interaction with others. Be very clear because if we have to settle accounts of 63 births, Drama is going to be very funny. I hear so much negative news, we could just say it's all karmic accounts, it's all Drama.

So become perfect by following Baba’s shrimat even at the level of thoughts. Thoughts create vibrations, words also create atmosphere. So the vibrations and the atmosphere should be very clean. Baba said in Murli yesterday to keep everything clean and clear. Our contentment is increasing, which means all desires are being fulfilled. I have all attainments, including my stage which keeps ascending, even if situations and Maya keep pulling us down here or there. Contentment leads to the stage of perfection. Another point is that we need to think that souls who are becoming perfect will not be distressed by anyone. Sometimes people's sanskars and habits make us distressed for a long time, but how far is it going to go? How will it end? It’s like you are distressed by the sanskars of the soul. As much as the soul is becoming perfect, there won't be any kind of dispute, conflict or differences with anyone or their sanskars. A good example could be when you're on the road, you don't watch others, but you focus on yourself and the road, so that you are safe. A smart driver will immediately notice if a car is coming at a high speed or the person is not driving properly. You become cautious, you'll become attentive.

Even if it's not your fault, if you are hit, the loss is there, damage is there. So in a very subtle way, how do I keep myself completely safe? There should not be any influence. The Avyakti signal today is saying that whatever kind of sanskar anyone has, you shouldn't be affected by that. We all have to think about it and see how we can do it in practical. If there is any obstacle or confusion like, “We don't know what to do. What should I do? When to do it?” It's like confusion, and sometimes it could be an obstacle. Whenever we do something, people have different opinions, but you have to be certain. When I was in India, someone called me and said that it's very important not to be affected by the opinions of others and don't get discouraged, never give up. It is both ways, if you hear anything then you also have to check, but do not have constant fear of what others will say, or what others are thinking. Be honest, truthful, and stay focused on the task. This is very important.

When you are knowledgeable, and you look at a situation then you know what the consequences could be, but you are still very stable. With a good attitude, knowledge changes into power. Observing the different scenes of Drama, different games of Drama, different obstacles in Drama, do not have the habit of not getting confused. It's like you are at the crossroads, so you have three ways, you don't know which one and you just rush into any. Then you will lose your path. So you stop at a corner, check it out, be careful, and choose the right one. Also, when you decide things, sometimes we are very abrupt. So be patient, then decide. Don’t go into reverse, going back and forth, then there is a lot of wasted time and energy. When we are knowledge full, we can maintain our stage and change some of our habits, whether it’s deciding something about relationships or something else. Sometimes even sensible people also don't understand the vibrations or signals, so they get caught up.

Wisdom means to be innocent but remain very sensible and wise, and that's only possible when I keep my stage ok. If my stage is shaking or is in confusion, I will definitely lose. So, we are maintaining a stage while changing some of the subtle mental weaknesses. For example, obstacles come and you get a little bit afraid or nervous. These are habits, mental habits. Baba wants us to be strong and stable. I was just thinking that in the beginning when Yagya began, Brahma Baba had to face so many things, but Baba was very clear and determined. We have to maintain our stage, because you don't want to be deceived or lose, you don't want to be disappointed or discouraged. Even if you feel it's happening, as soon as possible, get out of it. It could happen even from your own bodies, then be in the bodiless stage, soul consciousness, in remembrance of Baba. You should use these methods immediately to recover. The soul is definitely the master, the soul has to be victorious, the soul has to become master of matter. Reflect more on your stage of completion and contentment and experiment with it. When you are a detached observer seeing everything as a puppet show or game, what is your experience? I'm sure we will have a lot of rich experiences.

Om Shanti


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