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The Embodiment of Virtues, Power and Remembrance #25

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_25 Mohini_Didi November 25, 2022

Om Shanti!

So wonderful to see all of you and I can see Peace Village. It must be Baba’s love, our spiritual love that we got connected. There was no internet at all. We had been trying since early morning, but Sister Bhumi didn't want to give up. I think she was trying many different ways so we might have a few minutes and can share something.

It's so interesting, one is focusing on transformation, the other is focusing on being an embodiment. Let's say we have the nature of getting irritated and losing our stage. Be an embodiment and when you are an embodiment there is power. Baba is said to be an embodiment of virtues, an embodiment of powers and also remembrance, because remembrance is most important. When we have remembrance then Baba also starts working with us, whatever the situation, in whatever circumstances we are in, we will find that Baba’s power, Baba’s current will start working. I really like the part of being an embodiment because, I shouldn’t get angry, but why do I get angry? Lack of patience, lack of self-trust, lack of trust in drama. I need to find out exactly what bothers me, what creates frustration, why do I get disappointed so soon? One is I have to cure it, but the other is the root of that, because sanskars are actually the roots. If I take care of anything from the root, bring transformation from the roots then we have removed the roots and we have changed it completely. Then it won't happen again. Otherwise we feel, we don't have this sanskar anymore and suddenly after a few days, the sanskars emerge. I haven't replaced it with virtues, if I have replaced it with virtue, then why am I so sensitive about people’s sanskars, is it lack of spiritual love? Increase that love and when you truly have spiritual love, you will have more tolerance also. Otherwise if you only work on tolerance, it won’t happen. The soul hasn't really received what the soul should receive in the sense of powers. I think it's a very good way to work on ourselves, to see that I am an embodiment of powers like Baba, because He has all powers, all virtues. Brahma Baba always had courage because of faith. He had faith, so he had courage, he always had faith in victory also. If I don't have faith I can’t have faith in victory.

One of the important things is drama is fixed, but Karankaravanhar is Baba and we know that Baba can make impossible into possible. My stage remains stable when I am in remembrance of Baba. Ultimately our aim is to be like the Father, very naturally in the emerged form, the sanskars of Father. Many of you say you haven't seen Brahma Baba, but you have heard a lot of stories. Whenever Dadi Janki came to Peace Village, she shared stories with us. At the time, so much defamation was happening, so much revolution was happening but it didn’t affect Brahma Baba. It is the same with whatever is happening, all scenes of drama, I should enjoy it, not only remain stable, but enjoy. Smile, be cheerful and watch drama because we know that ultimately, finally there is joy and victory. Maya has to be defeated. If you are in a play or if you're watching something, knowing who will win, you really enjoy yourself at that time. I would say not only be stable but have joy, inner joy, supersensuous joy, be happy about everything. Receive happiness, internally from every scene of drama, some benefits will be there somewhere. If that is the thought, I am sure that we will all be very happy, full and also keep progressing to become like Baba. So again, be the embodiment of powers, virtues and remembrance.

Om Shanti

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