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The deities who are full of all virtues #30

Embodiment_of_Success_30 Mohini_Didi September 30, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone !

The second group of double foreigners have come. Last night I went to Gyan Sarovar to meet them. There’s not a very big group, about 200 +, we are expecting about 300 until Baba comes. Of course, Bharatvasis are in thousands. There are already 13,000 and every day more and more will come. The full season is on. The team for double foreigners are really courageous to continue with the sessions, panel discussion, and classes. Yesterday was a welcome program for everyone. It was very good. It’s getting little cold. Some were asking me what the weather is like. Shantivan is still pleasant, it's only in the morning and evening, there is a little bit of chill but going up, you need a cardigan or shawl. It's different on the mountain.

We are having bhog today for Dr. Nirmala in Shantivan. Tomorrow will be the 11th day in Gyan Sarovar. Then after that it will be in Pandav bhavan on the 12th day. That’s how we do 12 days. Every day in Gyan Sarovar, they have bhog for Didi Nirmala because of the love and respect for the soul. It's actually when we offer food and flowers, that’s the way to offer our love. Definitely we did feel her presence in Gyan Sarovar. Her presence and absence, both. Presence, we remember her, absence because of what her personality was with this message.

We use everything in a worthwhile way. Become worthy, become embodiment. Baba talked about many subtle powers. In the beginning, Baba talked about treasures of thought, time, and breath. Then Baba talked about virtues and knowledge. At the confluence age, you need to use every treasure in a worthwhile way. It’s interesting that when we use treasures, they become full. Baba is saying use it, use it in a worthwhile way, and you not only become an embodiment, but you become full. One who is full Baba says, will never fail. So beautifully Baba is describing and I think we also find that we have all the treasures of virtues, all of them. Now, Baba wants us to be full. That means I have lots of love, but I'm a hundred percent loveful. Look at each virtue and think, am I full with all the virtues? Use all the treasures, use all the virtues you receive at confluence age in a worthwhile way. Now, when we think of any virtue, how do we use it in a worthwhile way? Tolerance is important, but don’t be subservient. Know what the power is within that virtue, another is just using it as a virtue. There are so many virtues. Baba always says that deity means one who has all virtues. We're becoming deities. Baba is saying that you receive all the virtues at confluence age in a worthwhile way and you will become an embodiment of all virtues. By using the treasure of physical wealth in a worthwhile way, you will become full of all the treasures for 21 births. Use them in a worthwhile way and become the embodiment of success. That is what is required for day-to-day life, to use appropriate virtue at appropriate time, and become an embodiment. Now is the time for all of us, every moment at the end of the confluence age to keep using the virtues. One who really likes to be embodiment knows that it can only be possible if I inculcate. I like this title of deity, a human being who has all the virtues. I think it's possible, it's practical and if we use it, then we become the embodiment.

Om Shanti

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