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The Children Of The Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness#17

Determined_Thought_17 Mohini Didi February 17, 2023

Om Shanti everyone! Happy Happy Birthday to everyone!

You heard Baba’s Murli last night, Baba talks so much about His love for us. His love is consistent, unconditional and it is His love which removes sorrow and gives us happiness. Baba is making it very simple and easy. Baba said the fasting is actually of attitude “vritti”. The attitude is invisible but very powerful. Through drishti there could be feelings so Baba is talking about the vibrations from attitude that creates or transforms the atmosphere. Sometimes you think I am okay, nothing is wrong, but what is the atmosphere or aura around you? Is it peace, love, contentment? If not then what else is there? It’s some of my past impressions. Do we want to continue with that past or transform? Baba said, transformation is important. If you want to transform then what we have to do? Let go of that past. If I look at a person with the impression from a past action such as saying something, or not doing something, that emerges when I see that person even today. If I really want to cancel all karmic accounts from the past so that there can be love, harmony, sharing then I have to look at not the face but the point of light, soul. It’s a simple practice, as Baba said very easy. It’s just understanding that I don’t want that to happen or to happen often, so then why am I emerging it?

Today’s Avyakti signal is also don't waste your time. Little things always happen every moment, but if we keep thinking about those things, we take sorrow from that. Anyone who has a habit of taking sorrow will also give sorrow because you will give what is in you. It’s a day of making promises. One promise should be not to hold anything in your attitude from the past, otherwise you will take sorrow and when you take sorrow somewhere a thorn is breaking you from within, so how can you give a flower? If I am a flower and I have fragrance, others can smell it, I don’t have to give anything, a flower doesn’t give, you have to be that. Now for us it is time to have that stage of perfection, to reveal Baba, not only that but Baba keeps telling us you have to be like Father. We have to be victorious to be like Baba.

I think all of us have claimed victory over Raven, 5 vices, but not over Maya. Some ask what the difference is. It is like you don’t have anger but very subtly sometimes there is force, irritation, or tension. All of that is because either you are suppressing anger or you have a little bit in you but you don’t have anger as anger. It is the same with greed, every vice we have conquered. Someone got angry so I was quiet and had patience and tolerance but suddenly I got angry because I couldn’t take it anymore. Then you say, “I never get angry but the person was like that or saying things like that so I really got upset”. Once Dadi Gulzar said that means you still have sanskars, if you don’t have sanskars you will never get upset. Since then it made me realize that our reaction to anyone’s action is my sanskars not that person. It does happen that some particular souls, as soon as you see them you have a different state of mind and then you say you tried but what is emerging is really some karmic account, some sanskars. That is why we have to see the attitude even my drishti, actually even smile. If you like a person, you smile and you are so happy but with some, suddenly a change happens so we could be deceived by Maya. Then you might make others responsible and say it isn’t your fault. What Baba is saying is that it’s the reaction. Now is the time when you find something like that happening to you, you have to practice your eternal stage. Even you have to repeat, “I am loveful, I am peaceful, I am pure and eternal”. When you go into your eternal self then your responses to that person will create new sanskars, it will create different sanskars. You are using the old one but when there is reaction we know internally, deeply that there are still some sanskars like that and that’s Maya. Baba always says that in the end Maya could deceive you. Whenever something happens you should see how and to what percentage you pass and you should be happy because you know now that you need some more tolerance or you need more power to merge or so your attention goes towards increasing that power which is very important.

Little things are like itching, they bother you, itching then irritating then it could continue in many different forms. Remain happy, remain pleasant, loving, friendly, light. I always feel the confluence age, which is only one spiritual birth, being a child of God, if I do not experience all the qualities of God, all the powers of God then when? Some say in the golden age, but where will the Golden age sanskars come from? It’s from the confluence age, we carry those sanskar and we remain happy there. I would suggest that now at confluence age I have all the attainments from all the relationships with Baba.

Baba is saying your time is wasted for some little, little things. We even go to the Dadi’s, “this one said this, this one didn’t”. Baba is saying don’t waste time, even their time. Any situation comes, just be happy. Let me see how I can work it out nicely, because when there is a reaction it hasn’t finished. Somehow or other it will come back, from you or the other side. Let’s promise Baba that I will remain stable, clean my attitude and make it elevated so that there is lovely relationship and harmony within a family. Everything we get in the golden age we have to achieve now. On this auspicious day of Shiv Jayanti, with determination, promise to Baba and to yourself that I will remain free from obstacles. Think about it and read Murli again and again. Baba said to have enthusiasm and celebrate. Congratulations, good wishes to everyone.

Om Shanti

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