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The children of the remover of sorrow and the bestower of happiness#16

Determined_Thought_16 Mohini_Didi February 16, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

It's so good to know that each one of you are doing very well. It's important to remain okay. One is personal inculcation, and then there is relationship with others. Today Baba is saying that there are three things we have to be conquerors of, not influenced. Baba also said that to be loving is one thing, but also to be powerful. Sometimes in love, there are a lot of expectations. We expect a particular kind of way, particular kind of behavior, or particular kind of words, but when there is power, then nothing becomes an obstacle. Baba says that one of the determined promises or thoughts you all had is that we will remain pure. Purity is very important, purity in thoughts. There are very subtle obstacles in the purity of thoughts because there are two things. One is to be viceless, and the other is to be all virtuous. Sometimes we are viceless, but not all virtuous. Baba says it's the desires, very subtle desires, but the positive aspect is that deeply within there is contentment. Whatever one needs in life, it is with purity that you get everything, all attainments are there, no unfulfilled desires. So, very subtle obstacles in the mind could be something from lokik and alokik family, it could be from circumstances we are in, and from matter. With some people, when there are certain kinds of weather, it affects their body, and it affects their mood also. So, there is this purity, and the second one which is very powerful is invisible subtle anger in different forms. When there is lack of understanding between each other, lack of understanding brings misunderstanding, then there is irritation. Baba says that we should be very calm, peaceful, and then loveful. Deep within, there has to be peace. No waste thoughts, no obstacles, and then attachment also is very invisible. We have to keep changing that attachment with spiritual, pure love. At the Confluence Age, our relationships are soul conscious relationships. With everyone, the thought should be that we are souls. So, there will be deep love with all the souls, but there won't be any attachment. When there is attachment there is sorrow.

It is the same with greed, you always want more or accumulation. Whatever is there, if it can be used in a worthwhile way, there's no accumulation, it is Baba’s bhandara, Baba’s stock is always full, we can always get it. First, we fill the bhandara and then we need, and we get also. Then there is ego. Ego of the intellect, ego of specialties, ego of one’s own purity, ego of one’s own specialty, but there should be self-respect. In that self-respect, there is the recognition of ‘who am I?’ So, there is no ego, there is no anger. We all have to be pure, not only just free from the lust, we look at all five vices. Very subtly, internally, do this checking of purity of thoughts, purity of words, purity of actions. Baba says that all the obstacles begin first with their own thoughts. Some mistakes happen, have been done, so don't think about it, past is past, have good wishes so that the impact that is left of the past can be healed properly. Also, it is important that it doesn’t happen again. Mama always used to say that if you make a mistake, once it’s forgiven, the second time there will be a warning, and the third time there is no forgiveness. After that anyway, it all goes to the account, it gets accumulated. Best is number one that it should not repeat, because to be pure is the first shrimat. Shrimat really means elevated advice, directions.

So, if we follow the elevated directions of the highest on high, it will always make us perfect. These are directions for the mind, directions for words, and directions for actions. We should always remember that thoughts and words are powers, energy. Wasteful thinking is part of impurity. Some people have a lot of wasteful thoughts. They are not able to apply a full stop or say that it is Drama. According to the Drama, even if its karmic accounts, things happen. How quickly can I put a full stop? Not putting a full stop is loss to the self, you are losing a lot of power. It's just like you want to fill a bucket and there is a big hole in it. So, when there is a hole, it will never become full. Baba talks of fullness, being complete. Complete, in other words, is full. After becoming full, you are perfect. So, every time the tap is on, Baba's love, Baba's power, Baba's teachings, but the bucket doesn't get full. What's the reason? That bucket is not becoming full because of the leak, because of the hole. That hole is really where there is lack of faith in Drama, and you cannot choose a full stop. When you look at the hole, you want to seal it. Why do you want to seal? So that no more water goes out. If we seal it and there is no wastage, then also our vibrations, my vibrations are the pure ones. It is the same with words. The less I say, the better it is. When it's there we don't waste time and energy in words. In action also, no reaction. Actions have some quality, bestow some quality, and that quality becomes a blessing for us. Most importantly, Baba says to have only love with One. If your intellect is with any other soul, Baba would not call it purity. Only with Baba, thinking of Baba, speaking of Baba, doing for Baba. When thoughts, words, and actions are with One, that's a very important quality of purity. When there is love for one, then as Baba mentioned, you are merged in that love. So, let us experiment with the purity of thoughts, words, and actions.

Om Shanti

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