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The Cave of Introversion #29

Stay_in_Avyakti_Silence_29                 Mohini_Didi              January 29, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba refers to us as spiritual personalities, great personalities, personalities of purity. Baba said your personality is the highest because God has given you personality. Whatever you have is imperishable, you have all the treasures. A lot of people have position, but there is so much fear, a lot of wealth, but so much greed and insecurity. Whatever anyone has, everything is temporary. Whatever Baba has given us is imperishable. Baba wants us to have spiritual intoxication, but how can we create that personality? Our face should always be happy and our activities, interaction with others should be of purity and royalty. Speak gently with a  lot of love in our drishti. Our faces are cheerful. Use all these qualities and you will look very unique, very different, compared to lokik people, even if they have the highest position. 

Today Baba wants us to be more advanced and He's telling us to go and sit in the cave, center of forehead, then go beyond, go above.  Baba is saying the cave of introversion. Just look at yourself as a soul, only with the self and Baba. No one else in the intellect. Just as those in a spaceship are able to take photographs of the whole world, because they are high up, in the same way, with the power of silence, the spaceship of your mind gives other souls the inspiration to become an elevated soul, one with a good character. Sit in this cave of introversion and experience deep silence. This experience will make you a double light angel. Ultimately what Baba wants is for me to remain double light whether we go and sit in the cave of introversion or call it avyakti silence.  Just be with your own self and remember Baba and be in deep silence, silence of mind, silence of intellect, silence. It's not taking photographs, but we become aware of even future circumstances. If you are very caught up in what is happening in this physical world, then our intellect cannot catch, you're not high above. To go beyond, body and body consciousness is very important otherwise, the body, physical things, circumstances always pull us. We need to remain above and have a spiritual intoxication of your fortune.

Om Shanti 


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