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The awareness of your being an ancestor#19

 Stay_in_Avyakti_Silence_19              Mohini_Didi               January 19, 2024

Om Shanti Baba’s ever-happy children!!

I was thinking, do we remain ever happy? I always ask myself if I'm ever happy. Baba is reminding us to help us create the awareness of being ancestor souls. For consultation, blessings, advice, one always goes to elders.  Ancestors could be in the physical form or could be our dadis as ancestors. Dadi Janki had the thought so much that we could serve Yagya more. She used to tell Jayantibhen and myself to stay longer, stay longer.  Whatever the ancestors say they help us to accomplish and we get sustained from them. We always remember what Dadi Janki did. She was never afraid. How many of you think you are never afraid, completely fearless?  I was known for a person who was  brave, not scared, that’s what Dadi Janki used to say. Then I realized there are very subtle fears in everyone’s mind. Baba says one is settling karmic accounts which we have to do, but we say courage is very important. At every step in life you need courage. When there is courage then definitely you are fearless. Baba says don’t worry, it’s making you free from being present in front of dharamraj. All these agents of dharamraj, yumdoot are all different circumstances. I really want to underline for all of us, there shouldn’t be fear because then powers will not work, the weapons will drop. If weapons drop, and powers don’t work then definitely I will be defeated, I will be hurt or won’t be able to tolerate it. If we remember that if I am scared, my weapons will fall, that means all the powers will not work. Keeping that thought in mind will help us to be fearless, to be courageous. 

Baba is giving us homework for tomorrow. When anyone comes into close contact with you, let him feel that you are spiritual, not of this world, you are not from lokik. With the awareness of your being an ancestor, sustain all the souls with power of peace. Whatever confusion, whatever keeps happening, you stay peaceful. Baba says sustain all the souls with the power of peace. If things are already confused don’t add more to that, but rather remain peaceful and let the atmosphere be clear so everyone can think clearly. Thinking is also in many different directions, different people have different opinions and it could create confusion, but just be peaceful. Your duty is to donate peace to souls who are in an atmosphere of peacelessness and to fill them with courage by giving them peace and tolerance. Last night there was such a big storm coming, a soul had to go. I said just go and sleep and we will see in the morning. That soul said, “Okay I’ll leave at 4:00 in the morning, and by 8:00 I think she was at home in Washington. Baba is saying to maintain that peaceful atmosphere and don’t panic, no confusion. Baba says for this do special service with your attitude and the power of your mind, be a lighthouse and give everyone the light of peace, then light of love, light of tolerance, any power. A lighthouse gives directions, so  let’s all be peaceful first, let’s all be quiet, in silence. When you are indicating  everyone does that, then clarity comes and clarity is important, whether you are starting a task or assigning a task. We are Baba’s instruments and also ancestor souls. I have to play my part and serve through my vibrations, my attitude of peace and tolerance. This is our homework, we will do it, watch ourselves, practice a few things and definitely there will be many realizations.

Om Shanti.


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