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The Awareness of Combined Form #29

Embodiment of solutions _29 Mohini_Didi September 29, 2023

Om Shanti!! Everyone is okay? Very good. So happy to see all of you and also to see everyone is very well spiritually, physically yes different scenes of drama they come and go because they are scenes of drama right? Baba was mentioning about currency the notes which are of the paper so time might come it won’t work so then Baba said you are known as the richest not because you will have lot of currency but your face will be shining. I still remember that in 1951 they all were in Mount Abu and they use to wear white cloths which they still wear but so they came to my grandfather’s home to make contact and ask for some help about the place other facilities also and I was looking at them I could never know that they have nothing because their faces so full and like Baba said very sparkling very sparkling and so we look at that so they didn’t feel like they were poor and actually they were not poor because even otherwise they were very royal the way they walk, interact with others that royalty was there, so for us also to maintain that awareness and that awareness is of all the attainments which we get from Baba, we are always happy we are peace full our relationships are good, list of all the attainments when that list in our awareness then automatically others they feel the vibrations they didn’t have any food to eat for quite long time but still there was lot of contentment. You have heard many stories Dadi Gulzar shared they will eat only barriers and they come home and tell Baba, Baba we are very full, we are very full so somewhere deeply within if we want to kind of experience that I am the richest one then with that thought our faces will be sparkling, many many beautiful stories about that, Baba is our companion, Baba is our companion so is He companion of everyone? Or do we need to make any effort, I always was very fascinated but I kept in my mind that He is ‘Karankarawanhar’ it is His task I am just the instrument, I am not doing anything so that kind of awareness was always there but today when I read Avyakti signal it became so clear in the mind whenever you want to experience Baba in the combined form, Baba always with you then what you have to do. So our homework is Baba is saying the awareness of combined form. Remember, create that memories of your combine form to the extent you stay in remembrance so you will experience that you are not alone but that Baapdada is always with you, Baba says when any problem comes in front of you have the awareness I am combined and you will not be scared. With the awareness of the combined form, any difficult task will still become easy. Hand over all your burdens to the Father and become light and you will always experience yourself to be very fortunate and then you will continue to dance like an angel. See God’s task is unlimited transform whole world and that also from iron age to Golden age from tamopradhan to satopradhan billions of souls all the elements everything has to be purify, quite a big task right but He can do it but because we also have to be transformed so Baba gives us examples of that there is a big tree, very big tree old tree and from there, their is a sapling right now sapling is so small so Baba says you all are part of that tree you all are the sapling of that tree that is why they show so many yogis, Yogis sitting near that trunk of that tree, so even this thought that we are the saplings so that means it’s not the question of course we say we are Baba’s hands we are helping Baba but actually, so constant awareness that it’s Baba’s task I am Baba’s child I am part of Baba’s task right so this helps that I remember Baba then Baba will be my companion. We use to see Brahmababa while plying while eating, while doing every action, he use to keep in awareness Baba is with me and also because we have to experience Baba thru Brahmababa so his awareness that Shivbaba is with me definitely created the presence and we were able to experience them together.

Om Shanti.

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