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The Awareness of All Your Attainments # 24

Liberation_in_Life_24                     Mohini_Didi                 December 24, 2023

Om Shanti!

Yeah! Everyone is ‘Master so Child’,‘Child so Master’. Always remember that I am Baba's child and everything that I'm doing is this Baba's task. I'm not doing it for anyone. Even if I'm serving anyone, it's Baba’s Yagya I'm serving. Keep every day, make yourself worthy, make your intellect more clean, keep increasing quality by doing good efforts. You will be surprised that Baba gives you everything, whatever you need, so you become the embodiment of all attainments. You won't need to ask anything. Baba says that when you break any kind of maryada, then the power is reduced, self-respect reduces, there's always the feeling that something is lacking, and we don't feel rightful. It's like a beggar. Then we say, “Baba please help me, Baba please cooperate, give me blessings”, but He is my Parents, I don't need to ask anything. I have rights but which children have rights on parents? Worthy children, obedient children, honest children, truthful children. So I have to only be truthful and honest and claim my right. I don't have to ask. It’s so interesting that Baba and Drama are so perfect and accurate, they take care of everything. If you do right, you will get more attainments. If you do wrong, break maryadas, then something will happen. Drama will make you correct it also. This is a very beautiful Avyakti signal that I think, at the present time, is most needed by us. 

Our Dadi  Prakashmani used to say ‘speak sweetly’. That means to have patience, have love, have good wishes. Sweet doesn't mean that I keep saying ‘I love you’, but whenever I speak there is respect in my words. When I speak, then I have very good feelings for the person, and also these days, only speak what is necessary. Speaking takes a lot of energy. Many observe silence for a few days or half days. but actually I feel silence should be for the whole day, in the sense that whenever you have a few minutes, just be in silence. Thinking through mind, intellect, and words all the time, we have to recharge ourselves. Recharging happens through silence. Also it’s spiritual, that means not lokik language, lokik world. Sometimes it’s not very sweet. Look at the language of Avyakt BapDada and Baba. You just feel that He’s showering blessings on us. There is such sweetness. It's just the feelings of a lot of love, belonging, and respect. Baba is seeing each one on the highest stage as we are worship worthy deities. That's how Baba speaks to us. So, tomorrow we all also have to look at our chart. I'm sure you will contemplate and pay attention and by night time you will feel a lot of realisations.

Om Shanti 

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