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The Account Of Service #28

Increasing_Account_of_Accumulation_28 Mohini_Didi March 28,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

At the Confluence Age, Baba wants us to experience all attainments or fruition. Generally, we say the fruition is in the Golden Age, all the rewards in the Golden Age. Baba wants us to experience this in the Confluence Age. One of the aspects of fruition is to be a carefree emperor. That is possible if I constantly remember that I belong to the Bestower. When I say that Baba is mine and Baba is the Bestower, then I should not be worried about anything. Today there is another aspect of accumulation. Accumulation of service, and the account of service. We all do different types of service. Service of mind, service through words, karma yoga, service through actions. Baba says that any place, service place, or any kind of service should be free from obstacles. Generally, the kind of obstacle that comes is the conflict of sanskars and nature. So, Baba said that every place should be free from negativity, waste, and conflicts of sanskars. Baba is saying that if that is happening but also a lot of service is happening, that service will not be kept in the account of accumulation, because it is causing some kind of disservice also, whether within the family or even otherwise. So, we have to pay attention if there are such kinds of obstacles or conflict of sanskars and nature. Through the power of yoga, by having more yoga and some learning, we can give some attention to creating the harmony between sanskars and nature. Baba says that we do a lot of service. So yes, it is plus, a lot of accumulation, but Baba won’t put it in the register of account of accumulation, because it is minus-plus. So, when it is minus-plus, then what ultimately will be on the plus side? Baba will put that into the account of accumulation. Some even do a lot of sacrifice, they don‘t even eat food, they don’t have time to cook, they sleep less, they do a lot of sacrifice. Still Baba says that they are busy, but they are also busy with Maya. Somewhere there is a conflict of sanskars.

So, what is happening? I didn’t do it, it’s my right. So, they have some kind of internal doubts, or they don’t feel they are not treated well, and a lot of different subtle things. So, because of that, Baba says that it's not accumulation. Baba wants us to be free from obstacles, and for that, it is important first to change one’s own nature of body consciousness, comparison, jealousy, and some very subtle sanskars. Our nature is such that either we get in the argument, or some kind of negativity. One feels challenged, threatened, but if one keeps practicing, what kind of nature should I have? Of course, everytime Baba talks to us, Baba says, “sweet children”, and then says, “become like Me.” A lot of practice is required for creating my eternal stage. We have purity, a lot of purity in the sense of living the life of purity, but purity should create peace. The more you are pure, the more you will be peaceful, and the more you are peaceful, you will be loveful. The more you are loveful, the more there is harmony and togetherness. Acceptance is very important and also we are always learning from each other. Looking at each other's specialities, some kind of liking of another soul. So, then I won't look at anyone’s defect or anyone’s faults. So when we use these qualities, eternal qualities, they get into my thoughts, words, and actions. It creates the sanskars of eternity, the eternal self. So, if we all practice this, then all of us will see in an emerging form, my eternal qualities, moving towards the stage of original qualities, that is, deity qualities.

So, as we are ending this month, what is important is to see the results, the harmony between sanskars and nature. When there is inner harmony, harmony within myself, then harmony amongst each other will also be there. However, subtly if you have confusion, any kind of internal, subtle conflict, that conflict will definitely appear outside somewhere. So, Baba says that there should not be any clash of nature and sanskars. We should really become the image of that so that I have no conflict of sankars or nature with anyone. It’s very interesting that when we start doing that, very natural love emerges. When there is love, there is no conflict. So, Baba is saying that you all are doing a lot of service, and you should continue to do it, but just pay attention that I should not have any conflict. I want Baba to put the account of elevated actions or service into the register. There are so many in Shantivan, about 800, plus they have sevadharis, they have servants also to do a lot of tasks, a very big family. Everyone is mostly respecting each other, cooperating with each other, helping with the tasks, sharing responsibilities. So, it's very peaceful and of course the aim is if everyone follows Baba’s Shrimat, then we are not following each other. We are not following anyone, but we are following Baba, following Shrimat. Following Baba is very important. I think this will also help us to make ourselves free and our service place free from any clash. That place is like Baba’s home, Baba’s family. We are all brothers and sisters. So, it will be very beautiful. So, keep the aim and let the account of service go into Baba’s register.

Om Shanti

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