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Tapasya #9

Tapasya_9 Mohini_Didi January 9, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

The sustenance that we are receiving from our Father, Teacher, and Satguru definitely keeps us very well. We know the One Supreme, our Supreme Father, Teacher, Satguru is taking care of us. Do you all feel His imperishable love? Yes, Baba takes care of us. The effort we have to make is to create natural remembrance, or think of what Baba is asking us to do. Doing here is not actions or words, but first creating constant awareness of what I am receiving from my Father, my Teacher, and Satguru Baba. This requires constant effort. Teacher, Father gives us the treasure of knowledge. Teacher is teaching us and creating our fortune. Then Satguru Baba is giving us blessings. Every day one feels that I'm progressing, I'm ascending, because Baba in three relationships gives every day, but I have to remember all the time. My effort is to remind myself all the time so that I can maintain joy, consistent remembrance and create my stage that is very stable and unshakable. Today, Baba said that the Confluence Age is special for all of us.

Baba said many beautiful things today, reminding us that we are the beads of the rosary of bhakti. We are the beads of the rosary of victory. Baba keeps reminding us to maintain our self-respect. Baba says that many of you haven't done bhakti in this birth, but you have done it in the beginning which was very high quality, unadulterated bhakti of One. Bhakti begins from the satopradhan stage, the worshipping of One, then worshipping of deities, then human beings, now it is of elements and everything. Bhakti of One Shiva began in the beginning and Baba says all of you have done that bhakti. We are the first creation of Baba, and every moment we know that we are victorious. Remaining in that awareness and intoxication, Baba said, is Godly intoxication. My thoughts, attitude, and drishti should be able to serve in a very elevated way. I think Baba described so beautifully that every action I do, every thought I have, and words according to Baba’s Shrimat, are very elevated. I just think it is very important to maintain that awareness, because Baba says that your enthusiasm shouldn’t be reduced for any reason.

We use two words; zeal and enthusiasm. When there is zeal and enthusiasm, you look at the specialty of everyone and help everyone increase their zeal and enthusiasm. There is always a possibility that a soul could get discouraged in certain circumstances, sometimes from the physical family, or the outside world. We can remind the soul of what Baba is giving us at present and give encouragement, reminding the soul they are special because it's a spiritual journey. The world is moving towards the tamopradhan stage. People think of their financial situation, job, everything in the lokik world, where is it taking them? We're moving towards a completely different world that we have to create. We are most fortunate, being aware of the Confluence Age. Sometimes I think we should know a little bit about what's going on in the old world, but there's a lot of frustration, anger, and violence. Someone was asking, is it necessary for me to be aware of all that? We should be aware, but not in detail. There was once a situation where people couldn't travel to India. These souls were coming for a conference and they're asking whether or not they should come. Many times we asked Dadi Janki, and she wouldn’t say. It is as if she didn't want to make herself aware because it would affect her. There is quite a big question raised because how much does it affect me? Should we just say that I am at the Confluence Age and we are going towards the Golden Age, that means there has to be minimum information? There are some people who will turn on television, and keep watching what's going on.

Awareness is what gives me power, that’s the enthusiasm, internally that’s the stability. All that Baba is speaking in murli, I constantly remind myself, churn and reflect on the murli. We sit and share the points of murli, the blessing from the morning. All that is required to sustain this pure, elevated energy to move forward. Baba has been saying to make every thought powerful, no wasteful thoughts, because enthusiasm is very deeply connected with information. Enthusiasm is connected with elevated thoughts. I have to make some effort and that effort is to constantly remind myself of my journey, my stage of perfection, and also what service is happening through my stage. We are not aware, but when we are remembrance of Baba, we are very enthusiastic, that energy also spreads vibrations. The definition of effort is to keep creating awareness based on knowledge. For that, keep repeating and creating those thoughts, keep going back to that. If you come down or forget, quickly go back, don’t waste thoughts or time. Quickly remind yourself of what effort I have to make because it is only with effort that my stage can be consistent. Whatever the scene of Drama, it’s now over. Let me go back to reach that stage where I am just beyond the effect of sanskars and scenes. That is why this morning the point came that the whole world is influenza. That means there is influence and as there is influence, Baba says that flu begins. So, to remain unshakable, stable and consistent and reveal the image of Tapasya is our homework.

Om Shanti

Om Shanti

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