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Tapasya #7

Tapasya_7 Mohini_Didi January 7, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Yes, we have responsibilities, but Baba reminds us that it is Baba's responsibility, and you are only an instrument. Sometimes, my heart feels so much gratitude to Baba. He keeps reminding us in morning Murli and in the evening revision of Murli, and we feel very light. Baba says that sometimes we forget that He's the One. It is His task, He has to get it done, we only have to be instruments. Avyakt BapDada said that Brahma Baba had responsibility for 300 Brahmins in the beginning. It was a very big family there, and he fulfilled that responsibility, but he was very light. I can definitely say when I came, it was a big test time for the Yagya. Everyone was so light, and so we all have to be that way, not stressed or tense, just be light, and keep saying that this is how things get done, Baba will get them accomplished. Our homework today was very beautiful, but whatever homework we have, expect that Maya will also test us. Keep attention to be very economical in my thoughts. I have to spend less thoughts and get more accomplished. Looking at our chart, we check and change. We are very fortunate to get the homework and because of this, at least our intellect starts churning, reflecting, and wanting to keep a chart. So it’s very unique the way Baba is sustaining us, it is very beautiful.

The power of purity comes from pure thoughts and altruistic thoughts, there is no desire for the self. Such thoughts have a lot of capacity. The intellect, when it’s with Baba, becomes focused, and the power of concentration increases. Concentration in Hindi is a very beautiful word, called ekagrata. That means your intellect is with One. That is a very beautiful experience when my intellect can quickly be only with Baba, and can stay with Baba for a long time without getting pulled. Also, I am following Brahma Baba, for that I have to remain detached and loving. You think it’s easy to be detached? Yes? How many of you think it’s easy to be detached? Yes, some are raising their hands. Sometimes we are able to be detached, sometimes not. If there is attachment there are two things. One is sorrow. In my family, this one says this to me, and I really feel bad. I feel sorrow. Didi used to say, “It’s because you have attachment.” In attachment, if anyone says something, then it hurts you. The energy becomes negative, and that is why we have to make ourselves full with spiritual love. We cannot remain empty. Keep changing, looking at the souls, they are my brothers, they are Baba’s children, they are pure souls, they are like me. I’m creating a relationship in soul-consciousness, called spiritual relationship and that relationship is also a very close one.

My experience with the Dadi’s taught me a lot. I cannot make someone respond to me with love. I will continuously keep giving love. I cannot be detached in the sense of not being loving, but detached in the sense that I do not take sorrow from anything. If someone doesn’t contact me, or is not responding to anything, I just do mansa seva, but then I still will make contact. Then I say, “Why am I doing it when this one is not doing?” No, I have to be a bestower. That’s why I really enjoyed it when Baba said, “When you forgive, you can serve.” My love emerges for the soul, because I feel that soul needs love. So, I will call that person, who is very surprised that Sister Mohini is calling. It’s so appropriate at the right time, because whatever reason any soul is not able to be what it should be, remember it’s not that soul's fault. Everyone makes an effort. Baba used to compare this path to a hurdle race. You have to jump high, there is an apple hanging, you have to eat that, you know different kinds of race. You do that and run, but some used to get stuck somewhere. This also is a spiritual journey, so there are certain hurdles. It's the same journey for everyone. One time Baba said, “I am in front, whatever storms come to you, they first come to me. That’s why I’m able to share my experience with you.” On a spiritual journey, we have to love everyone, support each one, and give sakaash when needed. So, being detached here is not taking sorrow. Sometimes there are expectations, but we also have to see that this is Baba’s child.

So, in my journey for 60 years, I have so many, so many souls. We travel together. I remember Dadi Janki a lot, if I haven’t called for 2-3 days, she would call. She said, “Oh I had been remembering you.” Brahma Baba will wait for our letter. He would tell Didi, “I haven’t heard from this child for a long time.” One time we told Didi but you know, time passes, day passes, I don’t get time. She said, “Did you eat today? I said, “Yeah, I ate.” She said, “You ate and didn’t write a letter to Baba?” So every Tuesday and Friday, we would write a letter to Baba, we are okay, just give some news to Baba, and Baba would give a reply, because Baba has His love and His power for us. When you think that Baba was asking for me, remembering me, a kind of awakening happens. Sometimes we get so busy with our routine, our duties, whatever we have to do. Learning how to be detached but lovely from Baba was a very unique way to learn. There is no resistance, like because you didn’t call, I won’t call. No, I have to do it, I am one who has to give God’s love to everyone. Tapasya at this time is really about my intellect being focused on the homework, so I have to remember Baba more. The whole morning I have to remember Baba, ultimately that is tapasya, soul-consciousness, remembrance of Baba, and being master-bestower. Love changes into power, love brings courage. So many times Dadi Janki will tell me, “You have to do this.” I said, “Dadi, I have never done that, I don’t know” How can you say no to Dadi? Then I say, “Ok Dadi, you are saying, so I will do it.” Then it gets done. Tapasya makes everything impossible to possible. At every step, such beautiful experiences come. It needs a lot of trust. Trust in Baba, trust in Drama, trust in the self. Everyday taking any aspect for homework is very helpful. Not only helpful, but there is more concentration, more solitude, and the intellect is with Baba. So for me, this is true tapasya.

Om Shanti

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