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Tapasya #6

Tapasya_6 Mohini_Didi January 6, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Sadguruvaar! On Sadguru Baba's day - Baba gives us a lot of love, a lot of power, and wants us to stay carefree. When Baba speaks of body consciousness and soul consciousness, how do I know if I am in body consciousness or soul consciousness? In soul consciousness, our eternal qualities will emerge: purity, love, peace, and happiness. In body consciousness, traces from the vices could emerge, subtle arrogance or subtle anger or a little bit of desires or attachment. So, if I am noticing that some of the traces of vices are emerging, that means there is body consciousness. That is why Baba keeps saying to remind yourself of your eternal and original self. You have to keep practicing so that, as Baba said, “Just as body consciousness was natural, soul consciousness should also become natural.” This practice is very important, and practice is just in the thoughts. The more we do it, the more we will find that those qualities have become my natural nature.

Today was a beautiful day. Many were sharing this thought of forgive and serve, just share love with everyone, give respect to everyone, and have good wishes for everyone. So, one instrument was telling me that there are so many these days who can give knowledge. I realize that true service is what Baba is saying. That means how I serve, and those qualifications are very important. I think that now we understand the preciseness of only sitting and doing yoga but becoming a tapaswi has certain qualifications. So, every day whatever point we are taking is one of the qualifications. Tomorrow the point of tapasya is less expenditure and greater splendor. Our currency of course is the local currency of the country, but the real currency of the soul is your thoughts. As much as you are in tapasya, go in deep silence, very few thoughts will arise and those thoughts will work and do the splendor. I remember that sometimes there may be something of very good quality but it's not very expensive. I used to do a lot of shopping for the Yagya, and everyone would say to come with us because you spend less and get more. I said, “Wow.” When you value Baba's money then you can't overspend, it cannot be wasted if that total awareness is that it belongs to Baba. I'm using Baba's money. So the same is with my thoughts. I should be very economical in my thoughts, not that I am a miser because I have to give good wishes to everyone, but not to have a lot of thoughts.

So, during the tapasya, going into deep silence and creating this habit of mind to be very selective about thoughts. Good quality, great thoughts. If not, just be in silence, be peaceful, be loveful. Same is with the intellect, and also with words. These days the less you say, the more impact it has. Whatever you have to say, say it in appropriate words, then it definitely will be taken by another one in a very nice way. So, think about what we have to spend less of, and then see the splendor. I remember there was a time in India, we were doing a program with a big budget. Baba used to say to do things in such a way that you will get a lot of cooperation. So, someone will sponsor something, someone will donate something, and so when we used to send Baba how much it cost, Baba used to look at everyone's budget. You didn't spend much, but the program was very good. So, if I have value of my inner currency of mind and intellect, then there will also be value of time, energy of body, and everything will be essenseful. Use as much as is necessary, not over. So, tomorrow just keep this aim of your time, for your body, for your thoughts, your intellect, and see what you achieved all day, less expenditure and greater splendor.

Om Shanti

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