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Tapasya #31

Tapasya_30 Mohini_Didi January 30, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone !

Everyone is ok? Yes, we keep good wishes for everyone, so we are all well. As much as we progress, we realize that we need more effort. According to the need of the time, the murli explains things to us, or gives us homework, or a point for tapasya, and we start practicing, or making efforts, based on that. Baba talks about smriti. Smriti is awareness, samarthi is power, that means your power, your capacity is based on your awareness. So Baba said that the whole transformation began with this understanding that I am a soul and not a body. Has it become awareness or I still need to have this smriti? There has been body consciousness and because of body consciousness, all the vices, all karmic accounts are created when I forget that I am a soul. So that is why, Baba is saying you have to keep creating this awareness, that I am a soul, I am not a body. This smriti, reminding myself of who I am, is a constant effort. Brahma Baba had Shiv Baba with him, but you could see from his face that he was very introverted. Of course he was very cheerful, joyful, but you could see that he was practicing. He was creating a state of mind and that was visible on his face. Not only that I am soul, but then whom I belong to, Baba, in remembrance of Baba.

So, with every breath, with every thought, to have this awareness. Then Baba says, “Okay, if you have a job, if you are in a family, or a karma yogi, then at least do eight hours.” The yukti, the method, that came was 10 minutes per hour. Just imagine, the mind does not stop, never stops, even at night time we don't think, but you are dreaming, because the soul is living. Whenever I wake up, I take a few long breaths and remind myself, I am soul, this is the body. So very calmly, very nicely, you just take your breath in and out, in and out. So we do it for the body, you know physical survival, breath is also important for this spiritual journey, same as awareness with every thought. Baba has actually drawn our attention that your power depends on your awareness. Awareness is the foundation, awareness is the seed, Baba says, when the foundation is shaken, then the whole building could fall down. Whenever awareness is not there, if that seed is not there, then what is emerging is from past sanskars. The more we look at ourselves, the more we will realize that we don't have awareness for a long time. Most of the time, we don't have that awareness. That means, whatever time I have and I pay attention, I must keep creating this awareness that I am a soul, and not the body.

So today, the whole day, I was internally playing, “Okay, now I have awareness, what power am I feeling? Then, I thought about a second awareness, Baba said, “Brahmin so deity” or “angel so deity.” So, if I am an angel, then what is my power? What is my capacity? Am I thinking like an angel? Am I speaking like an angel? Are my actions like an angel? What is an angel? Baba said it in two words, “double light.” When I am double light, I am in an angelic stage, and deity means constantly bestowing, constantly giving. This is part of tapasya. Tapasya's month hasn't finished, but it has just started. Every day, we will have to put ourselves in a bhatti, three days was not enough. In the morning, before sleeping, during the day, one of the methods that I feel Brahma Baba used and we all have to use is, “I am a soul”, but also remind myself to look at everyone as a soul. When I look at you as a soul, I will naturally be reminded. Baba calls this the drishti of soul consciousness. So, when I have soul consciousness, the attitude is there, but drishti that everyone is soul is so important. Baba is talking about being with lokik people, worldly people, I remember that when we are young Brahmins, there is so much intoxication. Baba once told me that when you look at other souls in soul consciousness, as souls, they will never say “no” to you for any task. I still remember that blessing. When we look at others, lokiks, as souls, then they are touched for something good. Look at everyone as a soul and even your thoughts will not only bring, as Baba said, transformation, but also create a stage. I don't have any attachments. Attachments are not only with people and things, but the mind is very attached to one's own self, one's own sanskars. So, this requires a lot of practice, actually we cannot make it by just saying, “Oh, I am a soul.”

So that is tapasya. Let's all collectively take this and in the night keep the chart of how much I remained in self-awareness and how much I looked at others as souls. When we make efforts as a group or in a gathering, it will have a large impact. Our contribution to the Yagya sustenance, all those who are making efforts, and for the world in general, we will serve the world. If any thoughts come for someone, that one is also a soul, an eternal soul. So, I think our gift of a divine eye, a divine intellect will be very useful and we will feel very worthy if our effort can serve the world. Your day to day service, karma yoga, is very limited. I want to be an unlimited server. Unlimited service will happen through the capacity of awareness. Every afternoon at five o'clock, Baba used to come outside in the summer where we take off our shoes, and Baba's room was open. So, Baba would come and sit and then he would lie down with his leg upon his leg. Baba said, “I am serving the world, Baba is sending sakash to the whole world.” So he used to do that, and then at six o'clock, one of the sisters would bring some vegetable soup and some snacks. Baba would take that, and we all would be just quietly sitting around Baba. Baba is serving the world, and we also have to serve the world. I want to share whatever I am earning, power, love, and peace, with all the souls of the world. So, world transformation is connected, it's become part of our everyday duty. This effort will take us higher, we will progress and be more elevated, and have more self respect. I am serving the world. So, I feel that tapasya is really one thought, and that is to be a world benefactor. So, with determination, we all decide that from tonight or tomorrow morning, I will create more and more self-awareness. I'm a soul, I'm not a body, I'm an angel, I'm becoming a deity and a world benefactor. So, all this is very needed and important, essential. This whole week we will pay more attention to this. Okay.

Om Shanti


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