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Tapasya #29

Tapasya_29 Mohini_Didi January 29, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Whenever we have to ask each other, “Are you well”? Now we have to ask, “Are you double light?” If I am double light, I am alright. Of course light is enlightenment, also light is lightness. In lightness, there are two aspects: one is that my mind is light, and the other lightness is that I have taken care of my life in such a way that nothing belongs to me, it’s Baba's. Intellectually yes, we say everything is Baba’s. Whatever I have in any way, sanskar, nature, even materially, if it is not properly trusted in a way that it’s Baba’s, but I have it, the intellect still goes there. Karmateet stage really is where the intellect shouldn't be going anywhere. That is what Brahma Baba did. Of course, from the beginning,, he created a trust and he assigned everything to the trust, and he trusted them. He did not think, “Tomorrow what will happen to me? Will they take care of me or not? Will the Yagya take care of me?” No, because he had trust in the way they managed everything with total honesty, and only for Baba. So, double light is the karmateet stage, and that means I have taken care of everything.

When you will listen to Murli tomorrow morning, Baba is saying that the test in the last moment will be of one moment, and the answer will also be of one moment. That will be the stage of karmateet. We saw Brahma Baba, he did everything the same day, replied to all the letters, gave permission for signing certain contracts, whatever he had to do, and then he went, he met all the children, said hello to them, gave them some very last teachings, and then he became an angel. So, double light as Baba said, means you are detached and lovely all the time. If I am not able to be lovely, it is because I'm not detached. If I am not detached in a proper way, then I'm not lovely. You need to have a very good balance and you can immediately know your chart today, that I'm loving but not detached, because then you take sorrow. Then so many things happen, and I would have a lot of expectations. Pure feelings are different from expectations. We have to have pure feelings for everyone.

I was thinking today about what the Yagya, or every centre, or every soul, requires these days, including my own self. Of course, it’s yoga with love, and pure feelings based on knowledge. Brahma Baba served in an unlimited way, Baba said that 45 minutes of talk and 15 minutes of bodiless stage, then the vibrations that you have will have a more impact on the soul than the 45 minutes of talk. So, what Baba meant is that we have to keep increasing our time. It's not a question of “I have to go and sit in Baba's room”, but whatever extra time in the sense of extra thoughts I have, just remember Baba. All the subtle obstacles and external obstacles that come in the Yagya of any kind, they can only be removed through the power of yoga. If you do not apply the power of yoga, you will not be able to give what all the souls are asking for. So, how can my good wishes be powerful? When internally I have pure feelings, I am double light.

Everyone says, “We need blessings, we need good wishes.” I asked people, does anything happen, do you want anything? Do you want any gift? They say, “No, we have everything. I just want some blessings, I want some sakash, I want some good wishes.” So, how to make my good wishes real and powerful? It’s when there is not only pure feelings, but good yoga, so that the current can be experienced by others. So, this is the need of the time, need of the souls, and need of the Yagya, to have those vibrations because when you have pure feelings, then you are in a sato stage. When your energy is sato, then everything works in a beautiful way for you, nature will cooperate, and everything works well. Rajo means it is still mixed. Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I have pure feelings, sometimes I am a little bit upset about something. I need to keep increasing my capacity and through remembrance and become satopradhan. As much as we do this, our vibrations will be very powerful. So, spend a lot of time to increase your own capacities, make yourself more capable, refine yourself. If you do this, of course there is unlimited service, every thought will serve the world. You actually become a world server, and I think we can do that unlimited service now through our vibrations, and through our words.

So, if we have to follow Brahma Baba, we have to have an image of tolerance. If someone insults you, do you feel bad? How many of you feel bad? If you are karmateet, loving and detached, you kind of feel for the other soul because that soul’s heart and head is full of whatever, and that soul is responding and saying something. So, you bless the soul that now you are free. How much defamation did Baba have to face? There is love for every soul, and sometimes you have to be merciful. Then you forgive. If you have self respect, you know that Baba loves you. Just keep your specialities in your mind, and keep giving good wishes. Souls who use any different ways, insult or abuse or whatever, it is that the soul needs a lot of good wishes so that realisation comes and change can happen. Baba gave us so much, but He was never disappointed. Dadi Janki also, because whatever you gave, you gave, and it doesn’t go to waste. Always have good wishes, always have love and be happy to be natural in life. I don’t have bad feelings for whatever anyone does, but rather deeply I feel more merciful, and send a lot of more powerful good wishes. Spend your time in remembrance of Baba, keep increasing your capacity of vibrations and serve through your pure thoughts. Create your karmateet stage, that is, detached and lovely.

Om Shanti

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