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Tapasya #27

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Tapasya_27 Mohini_Didi January 27, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? I am also okay! Baba had been speaking so much about how to do action but then also be very detached, because generally the intellect can keep going again and again into that action. Baba wants our intellect to remain plain, not engaged in actions all the time. We have to do it. So, we could also practice having silence of the intellect. These days, during the day, many times, I just say that I want my intellect to be completely in silence, to be with Baba, and very peaceful. It's like you feel that the intellect is charged. Each one of us has a lot of responsibilities, a lot of activities, and no one has less. Even at the centers, people do not come in large numbers, but then there are different sessions on Zoom. As much as we are busy, internally, we should keep ourselves free. I think with practice you will experience, as Baba said, having a plain intellect, and also humility while serving. In Baba's murli, Baba talked so much about coming and going. We come from home and we have to return home. We do actions, and we have to go beyond that. There are so many different types of coming and going.

So, what is a plain intellect? We think over and over. Thinking about the past, “This shouldn't have happened”, and thinking about the future, “What's going to happen?” We have to just stop, stop using intellect. The intellect has a big responsibility of discerning and deciding. So, as much as the intellect is peaceful, quiet, in silence, it's power to discern increases, then you are able to very clearly decide what should be done. It won't be like you have to keep thinking about it. That is why there are many qualities for the intellect, and I find that one of the important qualities is patience. As much as possible, we don't hold anything for anyone in the intellect. This morning, I had been thinking that when we have a habit of having good wishes for everyone, these are blessings for the self. Baba says, “Bless yourself also.” So, how do I bless myself? By having good wishes and pure feelings for others, actually they are becoming blessings for the self. So, now is the time to bless yourself and then also definitely have good wishes, that is giving blessings to others.

So, tapasya is to have plain intellect. Concentration, determination, remembrance of One, all that is part of tapasya, it is the functioning of the intellect. Have a plain intellect and then whenever you find that you don't know what to do, just Follow the Father. Sometimes we think, “Oh I haven't seen Brahma Baba, how do I follow?” Baba had been explaining what to do. Like the practice of coming and going, that's what Brahma Baba did. Shiv Baba taught, and Brahma Baba did. Then Brahma Baba also speaks the same. When he speaks, then we immediately know what is right. This is what he did, so it is through the teachings of Baba, it is through the knowledge, that we can follow Brahma Baba. Baba followed shrimat accurately. So, that will be our homework, and I'm sure you will have beautiful experiences of having a plain intellect.

Om Shanti

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