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Tapasya #26

Tapasya_26 Mohini_Didi January 26, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone looks very full! Yes, full, and very happy. Happy about one’s own transformation, self progress and feeling internally that I am spinning the thoughts about self-transformation. Swadarshan chakradhari means self-darshan, looking at the self and reminding myself where I am going, chakra. I have to go home, and then I have to come back to the kingdom. Baba always says to remember the land of peace and the land of happiness, Shantidham, Sukhdham, and that we are going to liberation. There is the extra fortune that we have at Confluence Age, that this is our first birth of jeevan mukti. So, today, I have to remind myself this is my first birth of jeevan mukti, which means Golden Age. It's so interesting that at the Confluence Age, you can be in heaven and you can also go back and have the influence of Kaliyug. The Confluence Age has both influences. We are moving towards the Golden Age and we are coming out of the Iron Age. That is why Baba takes us from tamo to sato. So, we have to be joyful, but also careful. Why should we be careful? Baba said that we should be careful of being influenced. Even if it is the influence of an organ of the body, that can activate the sanskars of body consciousness, old sanskars. Baba spoke especially about the eyes and drishti. There could be greed or attachment. I say something and after saying it, and then someone feels sorrow or I feel sorrow because I have been deceived. If I give blessings, I will receive blessings, but if my words are ordinary and they don’t convey any blessings or happiness, then I cannot receive either. Baba is reminding us to stop spinning now. When we stop, when we break that habit of spinning, we can move towards the life of liberation. I feel this is my first life of the Golden Age. In the Golden Age, everything is consistent: love, peace, harmony, my fortune is full, and nothing is lacking.

When we look at Dadi Prakashmani, we feel that she was so fortunate. Every thought she had was accomplished practically. It was not just a thought, she definitely had saved and increased and accumulated, that was her slogan. So, tomorrow we can be attentive, accumulate a little more, and look at the life of Jeevan mukti. A life full of joy, powers, good wishes, and liberation from spinning. Even physically, when there is too much happening in the brain, we say, “My head is spinning.” That means, you can’t concentrate, you are not still, you are not clear. This is all the influence, right? I was thinking that if as much as our faith is real in Baba, then it is not just the intellect, but Baba responds and is present in the moment. While looking, if you feel that this is my Baba, you will see how Baba is seeing, smiling at you, listening to you, and responding to you. So, pay a little attention to not being influenced, as Baba said, not allowing that spin to happen, but also pay attention to experiencing jeevan mukti.

For whatever reason, one may have sorrow, that means I am losing hope, getting disappointed, getting discouraged. Whatever your circumstances are, Baba can help you to be strong and to know what you have to do, see, and speak, so as not to be deceived. If you blame or complain, it won't change. I just remain happy. I say that I have to create for myself. So, a lot of attention needs to be on the self, and that’s what Baba tells us every morning. Brahma Baba’s last murli about being loving but also detached is very important. If you are detached only for the self, then you have to be loving, and care for everyone who is around you. Allowing, having, giving freedom is one thing, but being connected is also very different. Some always have the feeling that this is the Godly family, we are together, some have those in thoughts, but not in practical. So, I think you all must have experienced it today that there were no wasteful thoughts. Anywhere we go, what people want is blessings and good wishes. Generally, we say that doctors say, “He is a very good patient, he doesn’t make sound, he is so still and it helps”. No. If I am calm and peaceful, then the doctors and nurses all around also become peaceful, they feel strong. Whether it is stillness, bodiless stage, or tolerance. Whatever it is gives strength to others also. I don’t think in our heart we ever will have hatred for anyone or defame anyone, because everyone wants to be a good person. They don’t know what to do, or if they do know, then they don’t know how to do it. So they require mercy and good wishes, because thinking sometimes is very subtly influenced by sanskaras.

We are paying attention that our thinking is liberated from influence, and that is what Baba calls our eternal stage, our original stage. That is moving forward, and one feels that one has accumulated the whole day. Every hour, for a few minutes, taking one thought, practicing it, and staying in that stage, really helps us to be the embodiment of accumulation. Baba has an unlimited number of children, but His attention is on every child. How does He manage this? In His eyes, He looks at everyone, even when I offer bhog, He connects with everyone. It’s not easy to understand how He does this because He is God, incorporeal, He has no limits, He is the Ocean, the Bestower of Fortune, unlimited, altruistic. He adopted us and we are his children. He wants us to be like Him. It is quite a big aim to be like Baba, but He is saying it so He is helping us by making everything so simple, so natural. He makes it like it’s human, and we should be like that. We can see the contrast in ourselves, what we were, our thinking and looking was so tamoguni. Comparatively, now it’s very different, and we are moving forward and there is a contrast. When you look at lokik people and compare, you are so different, but we remain incognito, humble, sweet, very natural. We do not want to make them feel bad because they are also playing their part. They also want to be happy; they want to keep everyone happy. Maybe their happiness is more by talking, by eating, by being together, but they also happily do what they have to do physically. Through our thoughts, we remain bestowers, with good wishes, mercy, unlimited love, and constant blessings. So, tomorrow we will look at transformation, changing sorrow into joy, and any kind of negative feelings into being merciful. Just give love, blessings, and good wishes to everyone.

Om Shanti


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