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Tapasya #24

+Tapasya_24 Mohini_Didi January 24, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well? Everyone is okay, yes, very good. Every time Baba speaks to us, He wants us to experience and have the intoxication of our fortune. The intoxication of my fortune, Baba is saying that the world is thirsty for a drop. They have a song “You are the ocean of love, I am thirsty for a drop of your love.” Here we get Baba's love constantly as Parents, Teacher, Satguru, and Friend. So, take a moment to feel that intoxication of your fortune. No one is thirsty for God’s love, we have a right to the inheritance of Baba. A few years ago, Baba had said that a time will come when you will not be able to travel. Baba gives us signals, but we could not think of what would be the reason. At that time there was a lot of terrorism, a lot of different things, but we didn’t know it would be just a virus that will make it so you cannot see people, you cannot go anywhere, and quarantines all the time. Definitely, our hearts are in Madhuban, because Madhuban is our home. How many of you miss Madhuban? How many of you want to go to Madhuban? Everyone wants to go, and the time will come, but we all will be there together.

So, we listen to Baba every evening, and of course morning murli is there. I am appreciating every day how important it is to have a point for tapasya. Just to take one or two elevated thoughts per day helps the soul to not only experience elevated feelings, but everything changes. With elevated words and elevated drishti, you cannot just say, “Oh, I know I am a soul, I am a point of light.” Maybe in the beginning, when we come to knowledge, we do practice like that, but I realized that instead of waiting, like when I have ordinary thoughts or wasteful thoughts, let me start practicing. If I keep practicing consistently, then definitely there won't be any ordinary thoughts, wasteful thoughts, excessive thoughts, and also one feels the elevated stage. The final stage is when all the thoughts will be based on knowledge. If any scene happens, Drama is beneficial, move forward. So, having elevated thoughts can give us the experience that everything is beneficial, and also whatever you want to experience, like my sweet home in paramdham. It's only when I have elevated thoughts that I can experience home, closeness to Baba, and I automatically, naturally, just have good wishes for everyone in an elevated stage. You are not just having thoughts, but the thoughts deeply within, are changing your attitude. Then with your words, and the way you are seeing things, you remain light and cheerful.

So, it is important to practice, and that is called tapasya. Tapasya is like burning the fire, and what really ultimately happens is transformation. Whatever the circumstances, I have to maintain my stage stable and consistent, peaceful, loveful. That's really what tapasya is about. WIth Brahma Baba, there were always some situations, challenging situations, but look how Brahma Baba maintained his stage. When I met Baba, he was 82, and when Baba left the body, he was 93, but the body was the same. So, I was thinking about how he was able to maintain the body for 11 years. The same smile, same face, and even when he left the body, he was in a very good stage, and he looked very beautiful. It was love for Baba, love for children, love and peace, and everyone's blessings of course. I have been thinking that that's what we all have to do. So, such true contradictory or complementary practices to love the body, sustain it, keep pure energy of mind to the body, and then, on the other side, practice being bodiless. So, being bodiless sustains the body and also, as Baba said, to have no karmic account with any sense organ. This is a very subtle royal way to make effort, and that is why they say to follow Brahma Baba. Whatever happened until now has happened. It's not that he did anything special. No, very simple food, simple way of living, simple bed, simple room. There were times when it used to be so cold. We still have a lot of facilities. Brahma Baba wore sleeveless or sometimes a cardigan and shawl, but it was his resilience or spiritual stage.

So, each one of us has to look at how we will continue our tapasya. It's not that we're going to end this month, because we just started. So, if the soul has these elevated thoughts and stage, the soul will always only take joy, happiness, and power. Sometimes some people say things and it doesn't make sense. So, okay because that person had so many thoughts, he had to speak, but why do I have to take it? I have to take what I need to take, but then again, I may bestow, because that soul who was not pleasant needs more good wishes. That means, there are some very subtle karmic accounts, so it's up to me to take sorrow or not. Then finally change will come in the other soul also. So, this tapasya is bringing not only realizations but transformation. One really becomes, as Baba says, like a lotus, where you are detached and lovely. I was mentioning yesterday that for some it is more difficult to be detached, and for some it's more difficult to be loving. You have to realize, I am loving, but why am I suffering after being loving? It is because I am not detached and every day, all that balance is required. You are very loving, you offer someone something. Then another person says, “No”, as if they don't care. So, do you take sorrow or just be detached? You don't stop being loving, right? We don’t stop being loving, and that's where really, internally you feel that your stage is improving. How much abuse, how much defamation did Brahma Baba face? In the end, Baba said that those who defame you are your friends. There was one editor of a newspaper in Bombay, he wrote that he was so against Baba and the children, so abusive, and he wrote so many articles. Now he says, “ I realize that what I did was wrong.” He writes very good articles now.

I always like the example of a flower, from where does it get its fragrance? I have to be that spiritual rose, I have to spread fragrance, I have to maintain the beauty, freshness. That's the whole thing about tapasya. In lokik also, yogi and tapaswi, they look at the face and they say, “Oh, this one is tapaswi.” So renunciation is of vices, but distaste is from hearing, listening, seeing. You don't want to do that anymore, and of course there are devices, we use them for service, but not with dependency. So, tapaswi means having power of transformation but also following the father. It is very important to look at Brahma Baba. Remain a karma yogi. We do karma a lot, but not necessarily remembering that Baba is karankaravanhar. Baba had been saying so many times, “I am the one who makes you do, I am doing it.” Keep creating this awareness, it definitely increases our inner power, strength, stability, and we can see the experiences and results of tapasya.

Om Shanti

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