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Tapasya #23

Tapasya _23 Mohini_Didi January 23, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Our hearts are full of love and we are thankful that Baba found us. There are billions and billions of souls in the world, but Baba not only chose each of us. As a Father we meet Him, recognise and belong to Him. Baba said that this needs a divine intellect and divine eye. He has to give us a gift even before we do anything of a divine intellect, divine vision, and divine eye. We were calling out, doing prayers, but it is our fortune. Baba said, just imagine, such an elevated fortune that we got the gift of divine intellect. What did we do? When did we do it? This is really something to understand. How did I get this fortune that God gave me? We are such birds who are always waiting to meet Baba, take drishti, and listen to Baba’s murli. Just having this love for Baba can keep us very connected and close to Baba. Baba has given us the thought, “What can I do in return for Baba?” One is to belonging to Baba, and now we know that even if I'm just remembering Baba, world service is happening.

There are many souls who need peace and also to experience God's love. I don’t have the thought that I want to share with the world, but it is naturally happening. Those who have negative thoughts keep increasing that energy, it is the same with our thoughts of love for Baba. Baba said today in murli that in 45 minutes you can give a talk, but if you sit with those vibrations for 15 minutes, the transformation will happen in other souls. When we came in knowledge, the course in groups was given one to one. When any soul was coming, we said, “Now this soul has to belong to God. I have to look at that soul as a brother and I should be in soul consciousness.” We would practice it properly and then sit and start talking. You could see how that soul started experiencing. Even for myself, the sister who talked to me, I just understood that I am a soul and Shiva Baba is my Father. Paramdham is my home. The kingdom is my inheritance and this is the time to go home. That was all the knowledge in just 20 minutes. One time Dadi Janki said, “Oh, I want to give the course”. She sat with someone, explained everything, mind-intellect-sanskar, how it works, what happens, and that person became a BK and is still around.

Now during Tapasya, I was practising both things: the first one was, “I'm a point of light” and the stillness, sparkle, awakening that happens in this little point. It’s simple but how long can I remain stable and still in that point of light? I have to be stable and feel that and many thoughts come in between. Body consciousness is pulling. One main aspect is this awareness of myself as a point of light. I think it will be very good for us to do this as many times as we can today. Tomorrow, for two to five minutes, many times “I'm a point of light.” See how long you are able to be in that awareness, and then the true experience will begin in many different ways. The essence of all the knowledge is soul consciousness, just to be a point of light. It requires a lot of concentration to be in this one thought. I did 15 minutes, but I really want to do that tomorrow all the time.

I have to do churning as Brahma Baba did. Churning is not something intellectual, but internal in a very natural way. When you churn buttermilk, what happens? Butter comes out! Similarly, our churning will bring the essence like butter. This point of light will get might. Knowledge is might. When I churn knowledge, I will get butter. It will be a combination of light and might. Brahma Baba used to give all the children light and might. We heard that he gave sakash, every thought he sent for any soul whether it's protection or removing obstacles, it reached that soul. It should be that whatever thoughts I send, those good wishes really work. It's not that you have to make lots of effort, you only have to make effort in yourself as light and might. Keep increasing that. We have to follow Brahma. These are real experiences and then tapasya becomes very meaningful for each one of us. I have to become like Baba, I have to be complete and perfect, but also serve like Baba. Baba prepared himself all the time to be in soul consciousness and then go in front of people to talk.

To be prepared I have to have the points so that I can share. Baba prepared us how to be a point and serve. Any teacher who wants to give a course knows how to give points. Through remembrance and practice we remember those points, but Baba says, “Be a point of light.” I think that this tapasya tomorrow will definitely bring a lot of power, so your thoughts will be like light and might, like rays. People go in front of goddesses and gods, say something in their thoughts, and get the response when they go back again. If they don't get their thoughts fulfilled, they won't go back! We have to serve the world, souls, even within our BK family, help souls to settle their karmic accounts because they are very strong.

Tapasya is for myself, but tapasya also increases my light and might in thought, so that I can consistently serve. Every thought becomes like blessings. We need to have detachment too. Some are so detached, but we also need to be lovely. Only connection will bring power, any kind of connection. As you find that you are losing this balance, you start having thoughts of frustration and subtle anger, not seeing the person respond to your love. You did so much with so much love but the other person didn't appreciate it. This word in Hindi “nyara” is a very beautiful word. We use the word detached, but this is to go beyond everything. If you are truly nyara, you definitely will be loving-pyara, “nyara-pyara”. Each one of us is looking at that balance and remaining very stable, emotionally, not moved into sorrow or being deceived. Baba said that if you are truly detached you will be loving, and if you are loving, you will also need to be detached. Baba gave this beautiful balance. I was telling someone the image that came to mind was a “see-saw”. Two people sit on either side, you go up then down and up and down. I remember we used to see if we could balance it and make it straight and still. In a way, If you want to stay internally very calm, nice and good, keep saying, “Oh what’s happening to me, did I lose love?” Look into that and balance yourself in a proper way.

Om Shanti


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