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Tapasya #22

Tapasya_22 Mohini_Didi January 22, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone was content the whole day? Whatever aim we have for the day, whatever quality of experience one wants to have, if we are able to do that, then there is contentment. I want the intellect to be fully concentrated on Baba, or I am determined not to have a lot of thinking. Whatever the aim is in the morning, I want a very good amrit vela. All the pure thoughts, as much as we are able to accomplish, that much, there is contentment. This is not just externally, Baba is talking about inner contentment, and inner contentment has a deep connection with my personal efforts. Sometimes there is a point of knowledge and I understand so clearly, so I say I am content because I knew before, but I didn’t understand, and today I understood properly. This kind of deep inner attainment brings contentment. Now definitely our contentment is to see that I am becoming complete. Sometimes it happens that maybe 90%-95% you tolerated something but in the end 5% you couldn’t do it. You say, “I have done enough tolerance, I can’t tolerate any more.” Then you need another 5% to be complete. Any virtue, any power that is not sufficient, for example, if I am running out of patience, I had enough patience, but now I don’t have it. That means some percentage of patience is lacking. The whole day Drama plays with us and I am able to observe where I am complete, and where I am not complete. It’s not that we get discouraged, but we say, “Okay, next time when something like this happens, I will just have total faith, I will not lose any of the virtue.” Our determination increases, we have more attention and then we say “Oh, I passed with honor. Today I didn’t feel anything bad, today I didn’t react, today I had total control on my words or on my eyes.”

With the Dadis, if any situation would happen, they were just carefree, listening, watching and then we say, “Dadi, you didn’t feel anything at all?” She said, “No, I was looking at my powers to see if they are working or not.” How do I know I have power? Only when I have to use it. There are circumstances where I need to use it, and when I use it, everything is okay. Then I say, “Oh, now I am becoming complete”, in other words I am becoming perfect and complete. How do I use my powers? One is to become complete with power, and the other is to see appropriately which power is needed. There are certain situations when I need to face something, and there are certain situations when I need to merge something. I find that introvertedness, being a detached observer, is important because everything comes for two minutes, but it will pass. That two minute situation will pass, but I have to pass with honors because the situation is gone and I am still thinking about it, worrying about it, or feeling bad about it, but the situation is gone. I remember Dadi Gulzar said that the situation is more sensible than you, because the situation is gone, but you are still thinking about it.

When the stage is complete, it is perfect, that will be our experience. You could be a very detached observer. Sometimes somebody gets a reaction and says whatever comes in their thoughts, so what do you do? There must be something hurting that soul, something sitting in the chest, so that person throws it out, but why should I pick it up? You remain in your self respect. You don’t want to listen, but if somebody is talking, you have to listen, but don’t take a single word because that’s not your problem. You don’t have to look at it. Have good wishes for everyone, self respect, and honesty. Two words keep coming in the mind: one is everything we think is beneficial and there is also compassion. I was thinking of the words “Kalyan and Karuna”. Kalyan is for the souls, compassion, but it’s not a kind of attachment, you are also benevolent, bringing benefit through yourself to others, and to Baba’s Yagya.

Complete means 100% perfect which means how I use those powers. Was it too much tolerance, too much merging or was it just the right percentage of it? Sometimes for food, for paintings, anything we say, “Oh, it’s really perfect.” The words “complete and perfect”, complete means 100% , perfect is to use everything in an appropriate way. We have to do homework for ourselves today, that through the third eye, I am able to see my complete and perfect stage, or is it in the stage of perfection that my third eye is fully open? It can be used in both ways. What effort will we make tomorrow? Pay attention that I am able to see through my third eye, see my stage of perfection, and my complete stage.

Om Shanti

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