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Tapasya #20

Tapasya_20 Mohini_Didi January 20, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone. I'm sure you all had a good day, because as soon as we wake up in the morning we have the thought, “It's Baba's day.” The Satguru bestows a lot of blessings and Baba always wants each child to remain very powerful through creating awareness. Like today, Baba wants us to create the awareness that we are sparkling original souls like Adi Dev, Brahma Baba. So, it's not only Baba who is the great great grandfather, but we are also the original souls, sparkling souls, Golden Aged souls. Baba has to keep saying this every time Baba speaks about Himself, but also reminds us that we are His children. Baba says that you children are also like grandfathers, great-great-grandfathers. So, it really feels that whatever our Father is, we also have the same qualities. When we create this awareness, we feel that there is happiness, there is spiritual intoxication, then we get caught up into ordinary thoughts. So, perfection is really something that I have to keep reminding myself of. Baba says, “I don't give you any hard work, but at least you can continuously be the embodiment of awareness.”

These days, everyone is pulled towards silence. Right awareness immediately creates silence because you don't need to think much. Baba says that you can go very easily in silence because our silence is not only not to think, but we feel the power of right awareness. Baba used to say that remembrance of Baba is like mercury, that it goes up and down very quickly. Baba said that now He doesn't like ‘sometimes’, we have to be consistent. Today, I started feeling so much deep silence, because power in the soul can only come through Baba. Anything else you think, any soul in the world, no one can give power, only Baba can give power. Deeply within this remembrance of Baba, is love for being in silence. Silence from everything, from listening, from speaking, from seeing. In this process of creating awareness and going in silence, there is naturally this unlimited distaste, because there is no interest in anything. So, this practice of maintaining awareness creates intoxication. Baba said recently that when there is intoxication, nothing affects you. As soon as intoxication reduces, then every little thing matters, and it affects the mind.

So, in my life, I am an instrument for Baba’s task. In whatever way, whatever we are doing, it is for Baba's task. Even our simple ordinary actions are also elevated actions, because it is for Baba, it is for sustaining yagya. So every action is elevated. While doing action, if there is also awareness, then the combination of both makes the actions double elevated. So, then our nature automatically is light, and when we are happy, everything we do gets done very fast. The energy of happiness moves our hands and feet, everything is accurate and moving with good speed. When there are thoughts, wasteful thoughts, heavy thoughts, then you feel that nothing is moving. So, we have to maintain this awareness more and more so that we can remain very cheerful and very stable internally, very mature. So, when there is a good balance of maturity and cheerfulness, how will your day pass? Baba always loved everything to be accurate, to be perfect. You all must have heard that with Dadi Janki, when she first entered the room, she would tell us to reorganize our chairs. Even in her room if there was any little thing anywhere, she would first get it clear. Sometimes we have snacks in the meeting and when she would come, we kept our empty plates. She would say, “First clear all this”, then she would start talking. So, everything is the reflection from the soul. When the soul is experiencing some stage, then automatically the preferences will become the same. So, our aim is to become complete. Our aim is to become perfect. Brahma Baba and the Dadis were very simple in the beginning, now also of course, but they look very royal. So, externally whatever the situation is, there should be internal stability, patience and sweetness. We get very quickly impatient. So always be very sweet, because that should become my nature, my quality, the original quality of sweetness. So, the power of silence can definitely help us to remain stable, very loving, sweet, detached and always shower blessings on each other.

Om Shanti


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