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Tapasya #19

Tapasya_19 Mohini_Didi January 19, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Feeling powerful? After three days of bhatti, all over the world, all centers, Baba’s children, everyone is feeling deep silence, feeling strong and moving forward. It was a very good, three day experience. We are thinking of how to continue that, maybe once a month we will do a day or a weekend. As soon as we are clear, we will let everyone know. Baba also keeps reminding us that remembrance is like awareness, smriti. Baba uses the word yaad, remembrance, in other words, smriti. Baba also says that we should remember the gift of being a carefree emperor. When we are carefree, then the intellect is free. If we are not carefree, our intellect keeps going back to where my concern is, or where something is lacking, or whatever the reason. So, if the intellect is not free, there cannot be Baba’s remembrance. Every day there will be different kinds of fears or concerns. It is very important that my intellect is not engaged in any worries. I have determination that I am not going to worry, I remember Baba’s gift that I am a carefree emperor. Concerns come and they are like wasteful thoughts, because it is not by worrying that we achieve anything, rather the soul becomes weak, and we are not able to have any concentration. If I have faith in God and still worry, He cannot help me, so I maintain my 100% faith in Baba and do not worry, no doubt. I noticed so many other things and I have concerns that things should be like that, shouldn’t be like that, it could be your own health, or it could be anything. If I remember Baba’s gift of being carefree, inner stability, then the mind and intellect are free to remember Baba. Baba is saying to remember the blessings, what you are receiving, and to remember the points of knowledge from murli. We can remember the whole day, but if we don’t, something keeps coming back again and again about the future or about the past. We need a lot of concentration. That means there is always the possibility that within one second, the intellect goes back to the same things. So, I have to keep reminding myself that Baba has said you should be carefree.

This practice is called tapasya. That means, with determination, constantly keep reminding yourself of who I am, I am a carefree king. Brahma Baba was able to be carefree with so many oppositions from the beginning in the family. He was a detached observer in all scenes of the Drama. Everything God sorted out; everything was victorious. Baba used to say, “Even if I am not here, the Yagya will be sustained. Shiv Baba will still take care of you.” We have been seeing this for so many years. Have any of you seen any other Yagya that continued for 86 years? So, whenever there is limited concern, or unlimited concern, immediately remember that it’s Baba’s task, Baba will take care. Then nature will cooperate. There will be so many souls to help, but we have to maintain our very stable stage. If I have contentment, I will be able to see contentment in everyone. If I do not have contentment, I will always say this one does not have, or that one does not have. One who fails sees how many fail, one who passes will see how many passed. We have to have contentment, I have to be peaceful, I have to be loveful. I get marks from Baba, and then what is gathered from around you will also be the same quality. You start by looking at the specialty of everyone.

Remembrance is awareness and then of course fearlessness is another stage. Some souls are fearless. You will find there is a connection between fearlessness and unlimited disinterest. When there are subtle desires or expectations, there is subtle fear. Will that be fulfilled or not, will that happen or not? I always talk to Baba, I look at Baba, because I have given my life to Baba, for Baba’s service. So, the more these kinds of beautiful powerful thoughts come in the intellect, one is able to appreciate the blessings, and the gift of being a carefree king. So, a tapaswi is one who has a fearless stage, has full concentration, determination, and who only thinks about One. In this way, it becomes our nature to have One strength and One support in our lives. Brahma Baba said that if you are happy, others are happy. Bridgemohan bhai was a good student, he made sure he is present, and when he is present, it inspires others also. Even to become a good example, Baba says He gives you 25% extra marks. Baba says that those who came late in knowledge shouldn't think, “Oh I came so late, Baba says He gives 25% marks to them also.” That means we all started from zero and they start from 25, plus they get everything ready made, right?

So again, the whole thing about tapasya is awareness, smriti. The final stage of the soul is total awareness of whatever my eternal self is. I have to change knowledge into awareness. We call it smriti swaroop. To become complete, your inner effort is very important. So, once I am light as an angel, I know Baba is the one who is karankaravanhar, I just have to be an instrument. There is no reason that we have to be losing courage or self-trust. Maintain this awareness, strength and courage. Just keep receiving from Baba all the virtues, all the power, all the blessings. The soul is on a spiritual journey, and I have to keep moving forward, not back and forth. We have to continuously keep moving forward, this is very important. So, being fearless and of course, being a carefree emperor, is Baba’s gift to us for this week.

Om Shanti


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