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Volcanic Remembrance of One - Bodiless Stage

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Tapasya_15 Mohini_Didi January 15, 2022

Volcanic Remembrance of One - Bodiless Stage

Whatever Baba says is a blessing but also a method. Baba wants us to increase our immune system of the soul. To prevent any illness, it's always suggested to keep our immune system strong. I am an elevated soul, I am one out of multi, multi millions, I am a Brahmin soul, a pure soul. These elevated thoughts help us to remain in elevated feelings. When there are elevated feelings, there is no chance of other ill feelings coming, otherwise you have to labour to change them. Live the life of blessings, experience Baba’s blessings on you at every moment. We can begin tomorrow morning with the thoughts of the blessings that Baba just shared. When the soul is in elevated feelings, the body doesn't pull. When the soul is not in elevated feelings, then what I heard, what I saw, all the organs of the body are connected with the sanskars. That is the pull of the body. One of the easy methods to be bodiless is to maintain pure, elevated feelings. When I am absorbed in these pure feelings of the self, I really merge that in my mind and intellect. Then there is no pull of the body. The body pulls through what I heard or saw and that is why our practice of concentration and determination really helps us. When there is concentration, whatever we do takes less time because there is no wastage, then there is determination to finish it.

Are you prepared for Tapasya, for the bodiless stage? When I remember One Baba, Incorporeal Baba, we say Nirakari Baba, then I'm able to be bodiless, incorporeal. I lovefully merge in Baba’s remembrance, it can’t be by force, it’s with love. Remembrance is not something from the intellect, it's really from my heart. I think of recent versions of Baba, how the Father gives as Bestower of all the treasures, the Teacher creates our fortune, and the Satguru gives a lot of blessings. Love from my heart for my Father, Teacher, and Satguru helps me to merge in His love. It's not just a point of light, but the part that Baba is playing, and the part He plays through the body of Brahma Baba. The aim is to be like Baba, I want to perform like Baba. I'm His child, instrument, and helper. I need to have similar qualities to perform the task. This helps me to really merge and just be with Baba, because that's what my whole life is about, to be like Baba, do like Baba, and to become like Baba. In love, I keep thinking like and keep merging in Baba as an Ocean. I forget the body because when you don't have the pull of the body, you forget it. When any sense organ pulls, you become aware of the body, otherwise you are really flying.

So, remembrance is to be like Baba, incorporeal playing part through corporeal. When I keep thinking about it, my love emerges, my heart is full of gratitude and feelings of blessings. The third aspect is the Incorporeal world, it's my home-sweet home, home of silence, where there is only light. In the world of light where only souls in their incorporeal form with Baba in the stage of liberation live. Taking yourself to the sweet home also helps us to forget the body. If I emerge my deity, divine sanskars of sweetness, love and harmony, then I also forget this old body. We can use these different methods to begin our bhatti and experience the bodiless stage. You can just be in silence and do it, but begin early morning amrit vela creating self-respect.

I feel as if our Unlimited Father, (Behad ka Baap) is creating this unlimited Yagya. When a yagya has to be created, mostly it’s by rich people. If they are very rich, they create it for longer days. Once Baba sent me, when I was very young, to a very big yagya, it was for nine days. That means that they have to feed brahmins for nine days. They had thousands of guests and had to give them food. The flame of the yagya remains ignited and uses a lot of material. I also had this feeling, that we are participating in this Yagya as Brahmins. We are the ones who create and sustain the Yagya. I thought that all of us take a good chance to sacrifice the traces of old sanskars that emerge in our nature or thoughts, and burn them completely. Whatever little is left of “I and mine”, surrender it completely. When there is “I”, many traces of vices emerge. “I belong to Baba, everything belongs to Baba”. There are certain subtle obstacles, they are not intentional, and you don't want them. They emerge from our past karmic accounts. That means, you are not able to achieve what you want for yourself. Whatever I want or need for the self, sometimes those obstacles don't allow us to fulfil that aim. The Yagya is created to destroy the obstacles and also to fulfil what is needed. There could be obstacles of body sickness, in relationships, or something physical. One who sponsors a yagya has to give a lot of donations to brahmins. To all the Brahmins of the world, I give them gifts of my pure feelings, good wishes that we all stay together on this journey until the end. Very subtly, we hold each other’s hand of cooperation. Always have pure feelings for everyone and give the gift of the powers they need. Cooperation is really that, loving and cooperative. Give a donation of powers and divine virtues. Let's see who gets number one in that. It won’t be visible because it is a very big collective effort, united, worldwide. In the end, each one will receive what one is able to donate. Avyakt Bapdada also joins us in this initiative of the Yagya which we have created.

Those are my feelings and this afternoon, there is very much the presence of Baba with us because it's not only for service of the self or Brahmins, but it's for the whole world. Everyone in the world should become peaceful. They should feel detached from negativity and sorrow. We have pure altruistic unlimited pure feelings and with determination and concentration, we enter this bhatti tomorrow in the early morning. As I said, we are already feeling the heat of the flame. This heat will not burn you, but this is the heat that you will feel bringing transformation, burning the heaviness, negativity, all the traces. It is igniting very pure, divine, loving, powerful thoughts in us. I extend to you all my good wishes and lots of love from Baba for each one of you, for your consistent and stable loving and without labour, bhatti for three days.

Om Shanti

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