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Tapasya #14

Tapasya_14 Mohini_Didi January 14, 2022

Om Shanti!

Whenever we want to achieve something, especially some special blessings, and some power to remove our obstacles, or fulfill our elevated thoughts, we do tapasya. On the path of Bhakti, tapasya is chanting, if you continuously say the name of Lord Shiva or Lord Krishna or whichever deity, then whatever you want, that desire will be fulfilled. This involves both concentration and determination. They say that God listens and responds to tapasya. They keep chanting the name so that their mind doesn’t go anywhere, but here, it’s not chanting. It is just being with Baba. With every thought, be with Baba. Why is it called tapasya? Because it is intense, it needs concentration. Imagine for 10 minutes every hour, you’re only with Baba. That means with every thought, you’re with Baba. There are two types of concentration. One is concentration of mind; the mind shouldn’t go anywhere else. The other is concentration of intellect. Both have their own attainments. When totally connected with Baba, the intellect develops a lot of power and transformation. Many times I just say, “Today, I have to just concentrate my intellect on Baba. No churning, not thinking of any points of knowledge, or reflections, just keep the intellect with Baba.” Whether to feel Baba as a companion, or to feel that Baba is showering powers, it is being with Almighty Baba. Sometimes, it is just to really, deeply, receive true peace. This needs concentration with determination.

We all will be preparing very soon for the three day bhatti. I think both of these qualities, concentration and determination, will be very important. Many are saying, “I don’t know if I will be able to do it or not, I don’t know. I never sit for so many hours.” Just stay light and have determination, and you will be able to do it. You will make it in a very natural way. I am preparing myself that I want to do it in a very easy, natural way. This bhatti is not only for the self. One is that we are doing this with all the Brahmins of the world, but also we are doing it for the world. We want all negativity, violence, sorrow, to be completely destroyed, so that there can be peace in the world, there can be love and harmony in the world. Everyone gets enough for survival. So, we’re collectively doing this worldwide to get something accomplished. So, each one of us must participate, and because we all will be together, it will be very easy to do it. However, we will definitely require concentration. If I am able to concentrate, just for a few minutes, I just extend that concentration. The intellect in concentration is experiencing deep silence and Baba’s presence. I hold onto that experience, and continue with determination, then that means you are extending the time. It will feel like you’re doing two hours of amrit vela, that’s quite a long time. After every 10 minutes, 15 minutes, you can change your focus, change your concentration and then continue. This is tapasya.

In this morning’s murli, Baba said, “If you want to give peace to the world, then you have to be in bodiless stage. The theme of the first day of bhatti is bodiless stage. To understand, to practice, to experience, and also then to share with the whole world. Baba said, “To give happiness, you have to be sudarshan chakradhari.” How do I know that the world is receiving? It’s like some days you sit in silence, and you really feel in that silence that the whole world is silent at that time. Once Dadi Gulzar said “Some Brahmins' vibrations reach only a few feet, a few miles, and some Brahmins' very powerful vibrations spread all over the world.” Baba is the Ocean of Peace. I am peaceful, Baba is the Ocean of Peace, then you can feel how far your vibrations are reaching. These days they have what they call breaking news on television and radio. Things have just started, and everyone in the world gets the news. Baba says that science and technology can do that. It is the same for your vibrations.

Just be in love, love of Baba, then take any one quality, virtue, or one stage, and extend that. There are no other thoughts, just as if you are really diving in the ocean. When you are diving in the ocean, then you are not connected with earth. That means the body doesn’t pull you. With concentration of mind, concentration of intellect, you start feeling, this leads to true soul-consciousness. I am just a soul. That's a bodiless stage, but first there has to be concentration, then there has to be determination, and then it becomes natural. So it’s not by force, right? I love to do it, and I have an aim to do it, and I know I’m serving. That power of purpose definitely helps us to do it very naturally. For example, if you are reading something, and you really get absorbed, and then you look at the time, and already an hour has passed. So, you won’t feel when the time passes, you will really feel that the soul is merged, the soul is absorbed. This will increase your capacity for concentration. That means in the future, whenever you want to sit and have concentration, it will be easy.

Baba's children are very enthusiastic. They keep telling me, “We’re looking forward to the three days of bhatti.” So, this also will ignite within you. Concentration itself is power. With concentration, I find that deeply within, either an idea emerges, or an insight emerges. This is very pure, very enlightened. Even if a few thoughts come, those thoughts are very elevated and pure thoughts, and give us a lot of joy and happiness, and also directions for our future life. The aim is to achieve perfection, completeness. That’s why we share some of the experiences of Brahma Baba. So, that’s why this month we kept the aim that we have to follow Brahma Baba. Baba keeps saying, “Children, you are my helpers. You are helpers in the task to establish a new, divine, pure, happy world.” For that establishment, destruction also happens. That will finish all irreligiousness and unrighteousness. I am sure that our homework for the day will increase our capacity, give us many realizations, and we will experience a lot of transformation also.

Om Shanti

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