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Tapasya #18

Tapasya_18 Mohini_Didi January 18, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

How many of you were able to experience the angelic stage during these three days? Yes, show me hands, those who are sitting here can also show. Very good. What is that experience? Baba explains that in the angelic stage, you will be double light, you will be carefree, there will be spiritual intoxication, and you will be using more and more energy of the power of thought. Angelic stage is really where you are not touched by anything from this earth, from this physical world. We have to live in this physical world, we have to take care, and carry on with whatever we have to do, but our qualities of an angel will be more and more functioning or visible. Baba says that even from your face, you will look angelic. This spiritual intoxication Baba mentioned today, the injection of remembrance of Baba and this aspect even while settling karmic accounts, bodily karmic accounts, you will not feel it, because you will still remain busy doing elevated actions. Baba has given us so much to serve through thoughts, words, actions, to use our mind, body, wealth, and in that process, the settling also keeps happening. Whatever the body has to settle, the body still has to serve, right? We have to use it. Then, I have the thought that Baba is the One who has to make this happen through me. Baba is the One who made me the instrument. In this way, remembrance of Baba also keeps increasing.

For me, there is not much choice, because I just have to remember Baba and say “Baba, ok.” Like Dadi Janki used to say. “Let’s go, let’s go.” That means sometimes it was so difficult for her to even get up from the chair, to reach the main hall, which is quite big, as you all know. She would say, “Baba let us go, let us do, let us speak.” So, companionship is very important. It is not only remembrance, but we create the presence of Baba a lot. It could be settling, but also it is like nature, the elements want you to go beyond, or want you to feel that even if you are doing, Baba is making it happen. Baba is the One using you. So, that true connection with Baba and taking power from Baba is constantly there. Like Brahma baba, he started when he was 63 and we heard today that he never missed a murli. Even though Shiv Baba had to speak murli through him, he made himself available, his body. It happened a few times that he couldn’t be there, or he was in the hospital for some medical reason, but he would say, “Oh, children must be waiting for murli.” So, Baba wrote the murli or spoke it there and Ishu Dadi would write and send it. Just Imagine, every day, Baba let Shiv Baba speak the murli through him. So, naturally Brahma Baba would have all the time for remembrance and also allowing Shiv Baba to use him. So, that also in a way makes us very angelic, too. So, let's all spend another day to have the experience of the angelic stage.

Om Shanti


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