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Tapasya #13

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Tapasya_13 Mohini_Didi January 13, 2022

Om shanti everyone!

How do we all feel after meeting Baba, listening to Baba, while offering Bhog but also after Baba’s murli? We feel, “Yes Baba, it’s very easy, it's possible, we will do it.” This pure thought and determination comes in the mind. “Baba, your inheritance, and your blessings are making my life free from any labor.” It is Baba’s love that completely removes all the heaviness and makes us very light. Is everyone feeling light? Is there any heaviness? Heaviness is when, as Baba said, internally we feel anything that is waste. No. I don’t need to feel it, I just ignore it, but we still feel it. Generally, this is what happens when the flu begins. First your head is heavy. The same thing happens on the spiritual path. So, what should we do? Sit with Baba and feel Baba’s love. Especially, if you are sensitive about anything, you will feel Baba’s very loving hand on your head and He is saying, “Child, it is nothing”. Then, we call it the fire of love that not only the burden is removed, the flu is something that spreads very fast in the air, through contact. So, if I feel and think that way, then I speak that way, then it goes in the air, and the vibrations become very heavy, then others start getting the flu. How many precautions we are taking for ourselves these days because no one wants to get sick. Everyone wants to keep well so we can continue with our efforts, we can continue with our daily routine, we can continue in a very good way. Precautions, right, how many times do we wash our hands, and sanitize this, sanitize that? If we can also do this spiritually, then I protect myself. Anyone who has the flu, we avoid contact.. These days they have a lot of isolation, then quarantine.

So, I like to just be very introverted, go into the cave at the center of the forehead and create solitude for myself. Both ways, you avoid contact with others but also keep the aim that no one else should be infected by my feelings. That is really protecting not only one’s own self, but also protecting others. So, remembering Baba’s two words, “Never fail nor feel.” Of course, the tapasya is to create the fire of love, so that it can burn the heaviness, so one is able to experience lightness. We have to follow the father. Brahma Baba never felt anything in the sense of what children said, what the public said, or what society said. Baba just was a detached observer, “They are playing their part, and I have to play my part.” Just imagine if Baba would have felt what others are saying, he would have forgotten, “I am an instrument of God. Baba has to speak the murli through me. Baba has to give drishti. Baba has to sustain the children.” He was able to do this perfectly all the time. Even when there were circumstances, obstacles, difficulties, challenges, he didn’t allow anything to affect him. That is why, when he comes as Avyakt Bapdada, he can tell us, because that’s how he was. So, we have to be strong, stable, and have determination that from today, I will not let anything touch me that is waste. So, I think it will be a beautiful experience, and we will continue our practice, our tapasya.

Om Shanti


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