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Tapasya #12

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Tapasya_12 Mohini_Didi January 12, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone looks well! Show your hands that you’re okay, very good. When we listen to Avyakt BapDada’s murlis of 1989, we feel as if Baba is talking today. These murlis also connect so much with not only present situations of the world, but they are fulfilling the needs of the Brahmins, and reminding Brahmins of our present attainments. Today, Baba is saying the special attainment of Brahmins is ‘gati’, ‘satgati’, that is mukti and jeevan mukti. Baba is saying that at present, you will experience a life of both stages, both attainments. Generally, whatever we do here now results in some karmic bondage. Baba is also saying that from actions at the Confluence Age, you get the gift of blessings. Whatever action you do based on Shrimat, there is evident instant fruit of that. On the path of bhakti, they say tumhari gatmat nyara, tumhari kripa se sukh ghanere. There is also a saying that whatever your state of being in the end, that will be the beginning of the new life, anth mati so gati. Baba uses these two terms, and we should remember these two terms, that my gati will be based on Baba’s mati, that means whatever instructions Baba gives me, as much I follow that, I will be experiencing liberation in life. I will feel that I am already in my home with Baba. Also, satgati is fruition, the evidence of that fruit of action is happiness. We always talk of gati as land of peace, land of silence and satgati as land of happiness, harmony, Golden Age. We have to reflect on this, create this determination, and make sure we are following Baba’s directions, Baba’s instructions, Baba’s advice. Most of those are practices that we take from murli, like the practice of soul consciousness, doing proper amritvela or following principles. So, from time to time, it is good to review these things.

Everyday, in life, there will be this deep experience of silence and also peace, the stage that is beyond sound. As we grow spiritually, it will be very natural to experience silence and peace, because you will be pulled towards that, and you will not have to make effort. The effort is to follow Baba’s Shrimat, remembering that action includes our thoughts. As I think, so I become, as I think, it happens, both ways. So my thoughts have to be elevated, benevolent, and full of good wishes. That’s the practice Baba has given us. So, keeping our intellect and mind clean and clear is our focus today. Not only do we think about it, but we are able to experience transformation within the self. When I am internally very quiet then the memory is good, the power to discern is good, the ability to perform is good, my mind, brain, heart and body are all working together. Sometimes our hands are in action and our mind is thinking about something else. When your heart, brain and body are doing everything together, the quality will be good, the speed will be good, and also the reward will be good. There will be transformation of weakness into wonder. Baba said that we will notice internal changes and also attainments.

Now we are thinking about God’s love and God’s trust in us. Generally we say our love for Baba and our trust in Baba, but here we are saying it’s a fortune to be worthy of God’s love and God’s trust. Baba loves everyone, whenever Brahma Baba gives an assignment to someone to go somewhere, Baba feels responsible and he keeps remembering the soul. That is sending love and also saakash to that child who has gone for some task. Not only is there love, but also trust, and with that, the protection that Baba gives. Baba says, “I give saakash to the souls.” Anything we do in our life, it’s like signing a contract with Baba. Baba asked us to do this, go there, whatever it is, talk to Baba about it. You will get a signal from Baba and then remember that Baba has given me this assignment. Baba has given me this Shrimat. So, that love that Baba will be sharing with each one of us is a very different love, the love of God. It is special love. I am sure all of us who are following the instructions must be feeling this special love of Baba. We get so much power. I always feel that Baba gives more power to do more. The success is that I can continue to do more. I am ready to do what Baba wants me to do. Brahma Baba said, “Yes” to Baba and he did everything, but look how much he had to face, the challenges and oppositions. Baba is making me do Avyakti Parivar. I just feel that Baba wants us to be together with the ancestor souls every evening. I didn’t know how to make it happen while doing everything, how to keep everyone happy, healthy, ever fresh. All this is an instant fruit of our actions.

So, every day really just see how much I am receiving all the time, that is why there should always be this enthusiasm. I have to do what Baba says, I have to do what Baba wants me to do. This is true surrender, the quality of obedience. For two years, I had physical limitations. I said to Baba, “You give me whatever service you want me to do, I won’t plan anything, because I won’t know how to.” I kept my efforts very good, very subtle, and did a lot of yoga for one and half years. I kept a lot of attention on every thought and even if some were saying, “Oh, you are not coming you are not traveling”, this or that, I was not taking on anything. I said, “Well, it’s Drama”, I accept it for what it is, and kept increasing my love for Baba, developing subtle abilities and then this Avyakti Parivar began, and now I know that definitely this is Baba’s plan for all of us. So, as we keep understanding whatever happens, my trust also increases, because sometimes Baba has trust in me, but I don’t have trust in myself. With trust, you have courage to say, “Okay Baba I will do it, You will make me do it.” I think in our spiritual life, our elevated life at the Confluence Age, we are being with God, companions of God, friends of God, children of God, instruments of God. I am so inspired by the avyakt murlis these days. It is like Baba is opening some secrets for us. Satguru Baba reminds us of our inheritance, our rights, what is right, and we children follow the footsteps, we follow directions. Almighty Baba gives us power.

So, it is a beautiful month and we don’t want it only for January. We will continue, this year we will make it the year of tapasya. I am sure that we will think more on our gati satgati and anth mati so gati, every moment with the blessing of Baba. Brahma Baba didn’t think I am leaving then gave everyone whatever instructions and duties. He didn’t think about what would happen to the Yagya. He gave his hand in Dadi’s hand, he selected her so he gave everything, but when he left, it was only remembrance of one Baba. So, that’s also looking at Baba, we follow Brahma Baba.

Om Shanti

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