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Tapasya #11

Tapasya_11 Mohini_Didi January 11, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone is well? Yes? Very fortunate, right? Baba is taking care of us and keeping all of us very well. We are very fortunate that the true Father has found us. Yes, we were searching for Him, looking for Him, and He found us. Not only that, but we have three important relationships with One Father. Yes, there are some lokik fathers, they teach at the school, and the child could be in the same school, but here God becomes our Father, then our Teacher, then our SatGuru. As Father, Baba is the Bestower. He gives us inheritance. As Teacher, He teaches us and creates our fortune. As SatGuru Baba, He gives us blessings. Baba says that you can receive blessings only if you take every step, that means do every action, based on Shrimat. Of course, to understand what Shrimat is, one of the most important practices is soul consciousness. The strength and the courage to follow Shrimat comes through remembrance of Baba. Here our Baba is our SatGuru. So, we are learning from Baba, and also receiving the power and the knowledge, the wisdom. Baba has given everything to us, and we are able to live the life of truth.

Generally, in today’s world they always say, it is impossible to live the life of truth or honesty. They say that it’s not practical. At every step, there are lies and dishonesty. When our Dadi Prakashmani stood in a very big gathering in Gyan Sarovar, she said, “In my life, I have never lied about anything.” This requires wisdom and fearlessness. I have to follow, and take my every action, every step, based on Shrimat. Shrimat about everything is given, how we use our body, time, how we use our wealth, the mind, intellect, and relationships. It’s not that you have to leave your family. You live with your family, you have to earn your livelihood. While doing all of that, you remain honest and truthful. Sometimes you don’t have enough courage or trust, or maybe subtly, you don’t want to do it, but I realized that if I am truthful with Baba, then Baba will make it happen. When following Shrimat, even when it comes to directions for service, at every step, there are a lot of blessings from Baba. Not only that, but the closeness to Baba, and then Baba knew that any assignment that is given, I will do it.

So, truth is power. Make things very simple and easy. That’s why there is a saying that ‘truth is one time’ but when it is falsehood, you have to keep going on and on, you have to find some more reasons, more excuses. So, why not be just truthful? Also, we are experimenting with truth, we are experimenting with our specialties. If I use them truthfully, they really become blessings in my life. I think we all have some specialties, right? Baba’s Shrimat could be instructions for personal life, directions for service, and if we follow every step, then definitely there are blessings. Baba says that you will feel you are living the life of blessings and there is no labor. Whenever we miss a step of Shrimat, then maybe internally we have wasteful thoughts and you won’t be able to control it. Otherwise, if you follow Shrimat, everything will go smooth, no labor, you keep feeling Baba’s blessings at every step. However, strength really comes through remembrance of Baba.

Today, I was practicing being a detached observer. Just to be detached, it is ok, but then I realized that if I remember Baba, I become detached, and then I observe. When you put your intellect with God, then you are detached from everything. So, I really found it very powerful and I keep increasing my remembrance more and more. So, I still keep thinking that true tapasya is remembrance, and then doing homework, you find that you are really able to be successful, you could be detached, you could be lovely. Even for truth, anytime there is any difficulty, or a challenging time, just for a moment, be with Baba. He will show you the path. He will give you power. That’s what Brahma Baba, in the company of Shiv Baba, was able to do, and if we have to follow Brahma Baba, then one of the things is to stay with Baba, in Baba’s company at Confluence Age. Baba is giving us the evident fruit of every action. So, we have a lot of attainments, in this life of attainments.

Every morning we get blessings from Baba, and today I realized that reading murli one time, or listening to murli one time doesn’t work, it’s not enough. So, I said, “Let me start reading, listening, writing in the afternoon also.” We listen in the morning, then we get busy, and then we do karma yoga, and then our routine. I realized that in the afternoon it’s very important. So, even if you are doing homework, keeping our chart, transformation, it is still Baba’s murli that really refreshes us. Baba gave a clear definition of what is to be retired; when you are beyond sound. So, our time of tapasya, certain hours sitting, just being in this awareness, and sweet remembrance of Baba, that’s how our day has been.

Om Shanti


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