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Tapasya #10

Tapasya_10 Mohini_Didi January 10, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Yes! Very good, very good. I really like these three words; dhata, bhagyavydata, and vardata that Baba explained in today’s murli. This time, there were three relationships; Baba as Father is the Bestower as “dhata”. As the Teacher, He gives us inheritance, he gives us all the treasures. Just to think of Baba as the Bestower. I always believe that God never takes, but even if he has to take, He can multiply and give, because he wants to give more and more. Whether you do internal transformation or any kind of seva, any kind of service, Baba will multiply and give you instant return at this time of the Confluence Age. Especially at this time, Baba said, “I cannot see you children laboring” and he wants weakness to change into wonder. Everyone should think about what it means to change weakness into wonder. If I have trust, and I have love for Baba, then definitely it will be wonderful. He is also the fortune maker, Vidhata, one who creates fortune, bestows fortune as a teacher every time. When Baba says something, it needs a lot of reflection, very simple maybe we have heard it before, but to think how as the Teacher, He is the Bestower of Fortune. That is called “Vidhata” and then He is one who bestows blessings as satguru. “Dhata”, “Vidhata” and “Vardhata”.

To maintain our awareness, remembrance of Baba, if in the morning from murli, we just take two or three points and keep thinking about it. Yes, Baba, You are the Bestower, that's smrithi, that awareness requires determination, that's tapasya. You will find that your state of mind will be consistent and there is so much we can really remind ourselves of, so many points. We can make ourselves aware, and this is Brahma Baba's blessing. On January 18th, Baba said, “When you have awareness, your powers will increase.” Baba uses the word smrithi, se samarthi. That means your capacity, your ability, your powers will keep increasing if there is the right awareness. So, at least that much effort we will do and it's not effort in the sense of labor, because while doing it, you are feeling happy, strong, and powerful at the same time. Actually, when there is no awareness, then everything is difficult, and so many different kinds of thoughts come. We need to experiment with yoga to bring transformation. So, keep creating the whole day with some awareness or other, whether of self-respect, whether of Baba, or about how wonderful Drama is. You will feel very happy and fortunate, you will pay attention, and have a consistent state of mind. Concentration or ekagratha is needed. If I am not focused, the mind can really be crowded. So, as we are giving time to ourselves for tapasya, let's do it with determination, and bring this transformation that my smrithi, my awareness, is based on knowledge and becomes more and more natural. It's not only that I am a soul but I am an elevated soul. Unlimited attitude, unlimited seva, and service. So, in this way, every thought can be very elevated. Actually, we all are very strong, but sometimes ordinary thoughts come in the mind and then I say that I am not strong. All of us have some kind of subtle uncertainty, fear, or insecurity. So, our attention tomorrow will be that we see certain things, but don't see. That means, don't get involved, don't keep thinking why and how, because you will take more interest in things. So even with something you hear, don't take it.

Today’s murli was all about happiness, but also about soul consciousness. I remember to prepare myself before giving knowledge to anyone. I am a soul, I am going now to talk to other souls. Just keep creating that awareness. So, when you are seeing a soul, you will not see anything else, like what that person looks like, what that person is wearing, so many details of the physical part of that person. Baba had no kind of physical attractions, because there are very subtle attractions which will not happen if you are looking at a person as a soul. You all must have taken note of so many points about how important it is to use the third eye of knowledge to see the soul. The soul is not visible, but it is in my awareness. When I am considering myself to be a soul, whatever I hear will be very positive. One time Baba said that even if somebody is saying something which is not you, make it good for yourself. “Oh, there must be some benefit in what that person is saying.” So, you have to see how you transform and listen only to what you have to listen to. That is our homework for tomorrow, and it is something very essential for life.

I listen, but I don't listen carefully. So, I can't share the story again. Some people can share a story exactly the way the story was told because that person heard it very attentively. I have a lot to hear from God, not only that, but the purity of eyes and ears are both essential. Seeing God and hearing God, how much purity is required? If I really want to see Baba, my eyes are very pure. So, it's a very subtle point, but I always believe that my purity is so when I connect with God, with Baba, I'm hearing Him properly. I'm really hearing the murli, not only listening in the sense of “Yeah, there were so many points.” No. The soul is listening to God, it's both ways, one listening is through these ears, but the other is that the soul is listening to Baba. How will I understand Baba's directions in a very subtle way? I remember when I came to Baba, and I started having some experiences of trance. Baba said, “Never allow your intellect to be influenced by anything.” That influence will come by seeing and listening, never internally, so that when you look at Baba, you meet Baba, and you want to listen.

Always remind yourself, at the Confluence Age, I have to maintain this purity of eyes and ears. We are such a big Avyakti Parivar, but we feel like we know each other. I remember once a group came from Los Angeles. It was a good retreat only for them and so we met with the group. It was the first time we were personally seeing each other, but they see me every evening. So, there was a lot of joy that at least now we know each other, but also I always say how many names will I remember anyway? I do recognize, “Oh yes, I see you every evening.” So, this experimenting and transforming my vision towards everyone, you are a soul, you are a peaceful soul, you are a loveful soul, Baba's image should be printed in my heart. I listen to God's versions, God's murli, and I feel that purity. Dadi Janki, would only look at Baba or listen to murli. Of course, she was never interested in knowing what is happening here, or what's happening to this one. She was the head of the organization, she was so good in administration without even knowing things of the Iron Age. Let us all have determination and transformation of our seeing, our listening, our speaking, everything, so that our weaknesses can be changed into wonders.

Om Shanti

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