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Surrender the Attritude of Waste and Wasteful Vibrations #19

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_19 Mohini_Didi November 19, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone ok? Doing well? Happy to make efforts for the transformation of nature and sanskars. We are paying attention to the dharna and keeping the aim. Also, paying attention that the qualities and the aim should be equal. Sometimes we have an aim, but we are not able to match it with our qualifications. Baba wants it to become very natural. For that, more attention is required. These days, everyone has just one thought. That we are very busy and we don't have time. I don't think it's a question of time. It's also not a question of creating balance, we have to integrate. This is what my aim is. So, how to make our aim and attributes equal? Baba says that it just requires more attention. When there is attention, then it's not really a question of balance, but you integrate. That means that while doing actions, have attention on your nature, nothing should create tension. Sometimes it does happen that attention changes into tension and then there is a little bit of irritation, then our stage fluctuates and a lot of wasteful thoughts come. Baba wants us to have attention to be constantly in an angelic stage. The should become natural. Angelic stage is basically keeping our qualities, like our love, kindness, caring, sharing. If qualities are in our attention and we follow, we remain very light. It's like our stage is the flying stage, or in other words, it's the angelic stage, Avyakt stage. In the Avyakt stage, the external situations, circumstances, and problems don’t affect us. We know that there are circumstances, but our mind is not influenced. Situations can sound and look like problems, but when there is attention, you don't see any problem as a problem.

So, one of the main practices is to have an incorporeal stage, in other words, the stage of soul consciousness. From time to time, in between, you pause for just a few moments and start practicing. I am peaceful, I am loveful, I am incorporeal, I am Baba’s child. Sometimes in our intellect, we know everything, we know what to do. Knowing is one thing, but to do it in practical is something different. To be in soul consciousness is not only to know, but it has to be in practice, reminding yourself of your eternal being, I am a pure soul, I am a peaceful soul. So as much as I emerge my eternal self, then automatically our wasteful vibrations will be completely surrendered and one becomes a natural yogi. When there are circumstances, instead of going beyond, we start analyzing. Why did this happen? Maybe because of this one. Maybe because of me. We have many wasteful thoughts. One issue is focus. Let’s say technology doesn’t work the way we want, so focus, concentrate, and you will be able to find out how you can fix it. If you start having wasteful thoughts, others are having wasteful thoughts anyway, like, “Why is it not working? It always happens. It should be like that.” So, the energy is of wasteful thoughts. One who is responsible should not waste time with wasteful thinking, but rather focus. When you focus and concentrate, things will work out right. So, I like this point very much when Baba said to surrender wasteful attitude, and it should become your nature. It’s not a question of one time, but every time. So even at that time you could emerge your angelic stage, incorporeal stage. You could also remember Baba, be in soul consciousness.

Baba is giving the yukti to create an angelic stage and to create an incorporeal stage. When you are internally paying attention to create these stages, your vibrations pull the right things towards you. Whatever our thoughts or stage or vibrations, an atmosphere is based on those vibrations. If you become heavy or irritated or lose courage and hope, what kind of vibrations will be there? Baba is saying that whatever are the circumstances, whatever are the problems, you remain busy in your incorporeal stage, angelic stage. I like this very much because instead of thinking ‘why’, and having waste thoughts, you are creating something, Baba’s help will come, and when you are in angelic stage, cooperation comes. I find that with nature, one is your nature, but elements also definitely help us. Baba also said to keep your nature very cool, very humble, aware that I am just the instrument. That awareness has to be maintained while doing actions. I think concentration on the task is needed, but internally the awareness is that I have to be calm, I have to be cool, I have to be humble, I have to have instrument awareness, I am an instrument. All this practice is very important.

So, we will take our homework and experiment with how the angelic stage helps me. We want to get things done outside and that’s through actions, but what about the journey, what about my spiritual efforts, spiritual progress? So we keep our aim, but practically we are not doing that much. Baba is saying that more attention is required. So, I am sure if we pay attention, a lot of beautiful experiences and success will be experienced, and that will help us to have more courage and more interest, self trust that yes I will be able to do.

Om Shanti


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