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Surrender "I, I" #30

Construct_the_New_World_30 Mohini_Didi July 30, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay, everyone well? Baba draws our attention toward treasures and our accounts in Murli this morning. A lot of attention has been put on reducing ordinary thought. Remember, I have to think very elevated thoughts. Baba said to transform thoughts from ordinary to elevated. So, it's a different kind of effort. Generally, we pay attention not to have wasteful thinking, but today, I was looking at every single thought because an account is created with any wasteful thought. Baba said that elevated thoughts create treasure. What treasures you have it’s not only for the present, but they will also continue for the future. Sometimes certain situations come up and we feel we have to find answers, so we go into the details of that. After listening to Baba, I was thinking, “Why should one think about anything?” So, then have good wishes, elevated thoughts, and remember Baba. These are different ways, where it's not that you’re reacting or responding to a situation, but you are creating something very different, very unique. The way Baba is explaining, every single elevated thought becomes the foundation of your Brahmin life. Just have a thought “I am an elevated Brahmin”. That means within one second, that thought will elevate you and it will also be added into your account.

We were revising the first part of the Murli, and I am sure we will study it more and more. This will help us internally to change our thoughts, to make thoughts elevated. You know every thought which is constructive and higher, we see the magic of all that treasure that we have in our bank accounts. Generally our life, especially for sisters who are surrendered to Baba, don't have any financial resources, in the sense of bank accounts, but now we have quite a big account of elevated treasures. So, we have to see how to take care of that. Quality of efforts is not a question of how much, but the quality of efforts should be based on understanding of knowledge and using the method that Baba gives us so we can get accomplishment. Generally everyone makes their own efforts, they can sit in yoga, they can be on their own, but Baba gives the vidhi (method) and siddhis (attainments). Otherwise, even if you are successful, you are doing everything, but it's not the same accomplishment that comes from Baba by using His vidhi. So that is why I had been mentioning that one is to have a good nature, but to have total awareness that I am an instrument I should be humble. Like yesterday, Baba said that even though you might have to be in authority, still your humility is very important. Baba is saying that there is the ‘I’ of body consciousness, and then there is ‘I’ of soul consciousness. Baba never said ‘I’ because Baba used the word ‘Baba’ for Himself. Baba thinks this way, Baba says this, but also we can change that awareness.

So when there is ‘I’ of soul consciousness, then there may be this subtle arrogance of the successes we achieved. Baba said today that some children say, “I feel this, I think this, whatever I said is fine, whatever I thought is also fine.” You know there are the feelings and clarity that you get about what you should do, but then it shouldn't happen that you should put pressure on others of your own thoughts. So, Baba is saying that the royal form of consciousness of ‘I’ does not allow you to be humble hearted, and also makes you weak. So, how do we know that there is body consciousness ‘I’? The more you say it, or you think about it, you will feel weak, and you won't be able to do it. So, it's a very subtle way to check yourself. I cannot tolerate so much, I cannot be so humble, I cannot overcome so many problems and weaknesses. Otherwise, since you began, it shouldn't happen that you become weaker, rather you should become very strong. So somewhere deeply you are using the consciousness of ‘I’ and using the consciousness of the word ‘I’ properly. So you have to surrender by saying ‘I’, only then will you be able to accomplish the task of world renewal.

This whole concept I like so much is that when you have awareness of being an instrument, being humble, you will be constructive. So, whenever the new world will come, we are moving towards that, but in everyday life, are you constructive or is your nature, your body consciousness, or your problem with the ‘I’ is breaking things? So, I really enjoyed it so much because then everything you do or you see or you say is something new, something different, not only a solution to problems. It's like you yourself will feel what your needs are, and try to understand that whatever method Baba is giving, generally we will say, “Oh, I am all right.” There is another way to say that I am all right, from the way Baba is explaining. So, I really like the vidhi and the siddhi-concept. Siddhi comes from vidhi and vidhi is our homework. So we don't have to just be happy with whatever we are achieving, but we should see that I am achieving based on Baba’s method. Some say, “What kind of efforts should I make?” So one is of course good quality effort, but this is effort based on what Baba’s Shrimat is, Baba’s method. That is creating awareness based on these Avyakt signals that we get. So that's our homework for tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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