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Stage not based on praise #25

Sweetness_and_Love_25                  Mohini_Didi               February 25, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba just now said that even God praises you, praises your fortune. So God praises my fortune, and others also praise, but then one of the important inculcations is not to allow our stage to be based on praise. So, how do we understand? I think if we're sensible, we will know that because of our specialties or looking at our fortune, if there’s praise, we underline it and try to practise and see that my stage is consistent. So, when Baba is praising you, do we accept praise? Yes, we do, right? So we shouldn’t be depending. I look at Shiv Baba, and how everyone in the world praises God. God is Love, God is Truth, God is the One who bestows fortune. There is  unlimited praise of God. If your stage is what it should be, then even if you are praised, ego doesn’t come, greed doesn’t come, but you accept it because this is how it is. So it’s very interesting to see that I am listening to the praise, but there’s no arrogance, there’s no dependency. If we are real, that means that whatever praise is sung, if this is what you are, your self respect, your stage will not fluctuate whether you are praised or not.

So our homework is, ‘Stage not based on praise’. You will have the virtue of easiness and sweetness in your life, but your stage is not based on any praise. Praise and deformation are two words. If you have the desire for the fruit of the actions, you perform with greed and then your stage can not be stable. The stage of many is based on praise. Baba says that when they are praised, their stage is good. If there is deformation, they forget the Lord and become orphans. Therefore do not let your stage be based on praise. Did you understand that you have to listen to the praise, as you are moving towards the stage of perfection? You will be praised, right? Your love will be praised, your peace will be praised, all your qualities will be praised. They are visible, they are evident, but I shouldn’t be depending on that for my stage. So, it’s very subtle. Reflect on that and do your homework.

Om Shanti 


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