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Spiritual Endeavor Means Powerful Remembrance #10

Volcanic_Yoga_10 Mohini Didi Aug 10, 2023

Om Shanti!

Most of Baba’s children, they always ask, “What effort do we have to make these days?” I say, “Everyday Baba reminds us of what has to be done, that is, to increase our remembrance, and Baba tells us how to increase the power of yoga. There are certain inculcations required, that means, I have to take care of my state of mind or spiritual stage. These days, there is so much detail about everything, but don’t get lost into details, just remain in the essence, hold on to that truth. These days, especially with social media, you get so much stuff. Spiritually advise people, but don’t keep listening to this one, or that one. I will use simple words, spiritual effort means powerful remembrance. Baba makes it so easy. You don’t have to do anything. Even if you are remembering, and anything happens, just say ‘Baba’. Two words that are very important are ‘Baba’ and ‘Drama’, full stop. Remember Baba and don’t think too much. Why not spend my thoughts in remembrance, that is earning income. Today, Baba said so nicely that when we have faith, we have yoga, and then things don’t work out, don’t go back and have doubts, but surrender to Baba. I can practically say, and I always say, “Whose body is this? It is for Baba’s seva. So, as long as Baba wants seva, it will continue.” This is how Dadi Janki lived every day. I was thinking of a few good examples here, maybe they should share one day how they went through, but still stay with Baba. They were managing so well, whether it was the body or wealth or relationships. The first important thing is that I have to be strong, I have to have all this faith and power. So, it’s very interesting that Baba says in order to make remembrance powerful, while going into expansion, practice of the essence full form should not be reduced. Stay to the point, stay to the essence. A lot of energy goes into going into details. Do not forget the essence when you have to go into expansion. There is a difference between concentration and involvement, and today Baba is talking about that kind of concentration. We say that I need to concentrate. Concentration is needed for any task you do, but involvement is little different. Eat, drink, do service, but do not forget to be detached or beyond. Spiritual effort means powerful remembrance, it’s called ‘sadhana’.

So, Baba says that the heart is constantly in connection with the Father. Spiritual effort does not just mean that you sit in remembrance, like I am sitting in yoga, but also what you have to do. As you sit physically, on your chairs as you are seated, in the same way your heart, your mind and your intellect should also be with the Father. So, when I read this, I had half an hour and I said, “Let me try this, my heart and mind and intellect all with Baba.” Such concentration will ignite the fire. I always tell everyone, even those who do seva, sometimes their heart is here, and their intellect is somewhere else. You can see it because when they are doing it, they scatter, listening, not listening. You can immediately see people’s activity and how much concentration they have, because they are very divided inside. Their attention is on something, and they are hearing something else. You do what you have to do, and some personal, emotional thoughts are there. So, Baba is saying that if we really practice with Baba, it will be helpful in your work, in your task too, that your heart, your mind and intellect are all with Baba. So, anything we are doing, mind and intellect, they always say “dil se karo”, whatever you have to do, do it from your heart, because all that energy goes into that. Concentration brings success. So, concentration means your heart, your mind, and your intellect all should be at the same time together. You think it's easy? Today when we sit later on in meditation, look at how often the intellect goes somewhere else. It's not that it's immediate or urgent or you need to do it now, but many thoughts come to mind. So, today Baba is saying that this will help you to ignite the fire of yoga.

So, our practice, our homework for tomorrow is to have concentration, be with Baba with your heart, mind, and intellect. When you experiment you will know where to pay attention, why it goes in this way, to this situation, your sanskars, your nature. Like there is a situation, some people think a lot, worry a lot, and some worry less, but the situation is the same. Now I am also involved with India where they have so many thousands of centers. Then you get this email and I say, “Okay look at Baba, Baba how would you deal with that?” So, what is happening is that you are having powerful thoughts, connection with Baba, and always remember that you have to be victorious. In no way should I ever feel defeated. Baba gives us the title ‘Vijayi Ratan’, victorious jewels. And keep reminding yourself that’s the title Baba has given me, I am a victorious jewel. So, everything in life we manage as blessings. Each of Baba’s versions is like a blessing, but a blessing also works if you remind yourself of the blessing.

On Avyakti Parivar, there are about 600-700 at this time, then it goes in the morning towards the East and different countries. Everything comes for Baba, for Bhog, because we have this sanskar. So, in India it’s so much that I had to keep one room only for that. Even if you distribute, people keep giving, and it keeps coming, and we keep giving blessings cards or any gift. So, last year some of you also helped from here. I gave every center a little container of saffron because they put in the Bhog and saffron in India is very expensive. It's not cheap here either, but somehow or other we were able to get it. So we got hundreds and little centers got little ones, and big centers got big ones. They were so happy. So, Avyakti Parivar also remains active in that. Then when I was in Peace Village, like today when I offered Bhog, every Thursday evening Avyakti Parivar we offer Bhog, so when I am in Peace Village, I offer Bhog. It’s a retreat, so lot of Baba’s children would like to offer Bhog. So whatever we get for Bhog, I buy the groceries for them and fill their bhandara because so much is used in 5-6 days, it becomes empty.

Om Shanti

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