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Special fruit of obedience #27

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_27 Mohini_Didi November 27, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is happy. Whenever we think of some examples, then it becomes easy to follow. When I think of obedience, first of Brahma Baba to Shiv Baba, how much renunciation he had to be away from his family. He wound up his business and so many changes, because he wanted to follow the directions of Shiv Baba. Renunciation was also very simple, because of the quality of obedience. If you have faith in someone and know that person is for benefit. If you have faith, you will agree and you would do anything, whatever it is. Then I saw practically Mama with Baba. Mama always said ji Baba, yes Baba, always. I saw that the relationship of Mama and Baba was also very loving, but also of obedience. What happens is, as long as we follow and obey Baba and do what Baba wants us to do, then Shiv Baba is also at our service. That's what Baba is saying, you get blessings. You don't have to work hard, but then he's also available, He's present. If I sometimes agree, sometimes say yes, sometimes no, Baba also doesn't respond that way, that's what my experiences are. If I have said yes to Baba, even if it requires some sacrifice at that time, whenever I need help or if there is any request from Baba, Baba always will fulfill that. I think you all should experience it. Dadi Prakashmani was so obedient. It was very difficult in the beginning, there were no funds and Baba wanted big things to be done. Baba said to Dadi Prakashmani to get some flyers printed, and there was no money, nothing. She had no money even for bus fare but she left and at every step she got help. She found a printer in Ahmedabad and she told him that my Baba wants these flyers to be printed and he said how many do you need? If you have heard the stories, they were able to do what Baba wanted them to do without any resources, without any context, Baba was making it happen. Because of their obedience they were able to accomplish everything. There are many stories of Didi Manmohini, in Bombay, going for morning class and didn't have money. She would walk to class and then come back. Obedience helped them to do a lot of big things even without any resources. These days there are many good examples of obedience.

Baba is saying that the special fruit of obedience, the children who do everything in their daily timetable from morning till night according to directions they have been given. Baba says they will never experience anything to be hard work or labor. This would be a blessing, that you will do in a very natural way and it will be very easy. They receive the special fruit of obedience in the form of blessings, so that every action they perform is fruitful. No labor, but also reward because Father feels so happy. If he gives directions and if you do it, He will bless that child, you will have power, you will accomplish every task and whatever you will do will be fruitful. These will be like Baba’s blessings from the heart. When there are blessings, everything becomes so easy. Sometimes you find everything is so easy. It could be two things, one is maybe because I followed Baba’s direction or because Baba knows that I will follow directions. Life becomes very smooth, very easy. All of us I think are always in the midst of deciding about obedience. We want to do what Baba wants us to do, but in between a little bit of how it will happen. It might be that some difficult thoughts come. My experience even today was that everything Baba gives us, He prepares for us. Internally have determination to be very obedient to Baba. I remember one time one of the sisters brought something to Baba but she was keeping some, Baba said no, surrender everything. She had thought she would surrender up to 80% maybe. Baba said, no child. Internally there was one little bit of reluctance, whether she should give it or keep it. Finally she decided everything is for Baba. Sometimes it could be time wise, it could be in many different ways. Baba wants us to do something and actually in that doing there is a big reward, because Baba wants to give reward. How can he give a reward if you haven't performed what you have to? He makes you do so that he can give you a reward. Baba doesn't need anything from us, but Baba wants to give to children all the powers, all the virtues, peace, happiness, prosperity, everything. Baba wants to give. For giving He has to make us do. Unless we have done, we cannot get. He keeps giving us these different yukti’s, follow directions, you will receive blessings, follow directions, you will be rewarded. I myself have seen many souls, if they listen to Baba’s directions and immediately say they will do it, many obstacles are removed. It's like they just feel they have been rewarded. It is a very good thought that I have to be obedient to Baba and always say, yes please to Baba.

Om Shanti

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