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Sit in the land without sorrow #29

Sweetness_and_Love_29                     Mohini Didi                       February 29, 2024   

Om Shanti 

Actually, the conclusions and experiences should come from all of you, but I have been sharing some thoughts on the theme and also practicing. So what I find is that one of the benefits of taking the Avyakt signal as homework is that you are able to reflect and while churning, like you churn butter milk, butter will emerge. When you eat butter, it has a lot of strength. So, in the same way, whenever we get a point, we are able to churn, reflect, and go deep into that. Not only that, but there is natural attention. Even if you forget, you remind yourself immediately. Oh I have to be sweet, I have to be loving. So, other virtues like patience and tolerance emerge while you are paying attention. I have to have patience because sometimes you become irritated or agitated. Why is this one doing this? Sometimes the behavior of others and the situations also reduce our sweetness. So, we always pay attention, and we do it. I would say that my intention was really to be sweet. In our thoughts, words, and in our interaction with others, sweetness is very important.

Om Shanti

Become a Carefree Emperor

Om Shanti

Are we ready to take this title of being a carefree emperor? Have we found a land which is free from sorrow? In this land, everything in the news you hear, there is some sorrow or other. Sometimes the sorrow is from my inner self, sometimes the sorrow is from others, and sometimes it is from nature. Everything around us is causing sorrow. So, where is that land free from sorrow? I will say that when you think of the Confluence Age, Baba says it is the age of joy, of happiness, but then also there are subtle regions which are also our land without sorrow. The Golden Age that Baba is creating is also without sorrow. So this way, we find that land and take our intellect there, so that whatever is happening around here, we won’t feel that sorrow, we won’t be concerned. Otherwise, internally there is this whole thought of this might happen, that might happen, there is tension, there is stress, there is worry, there are concerns. So, Baba is saying to sit in the land without sorrow. BapDada has given you Confluence Aged Brahmin children the title of Carefree Emperor, the emperors of the land without sorrow. So, whenever any situation arises, and they definitely will arise every minute, you just sit in the land without sorrow, and you will become carefree emperors. If we see every situation and say that there is some benefit, you will look at the situation in the right perspective, in the way Baba explains. and then you won’t experience sorrow. 

Om Shanti


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