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Silent sound of the Soul - Silence in Everyday Life #13

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_13 Mohini Didi March 13, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

You all had a beautiful meeting with Avyakt BapDada. Baba has to say again and again that your thoughts are valuable, your time is valuable, your breath is valuable, so don't waste. No waste thoughts, and that requires not only to say to yourself, “Don't think” or ``I shouldn't be thinking”, but you have to practice certain stages. Something just happened and it doesn't require more details to think of or talk about, but some can keep going on and on. So the matter is over, but the mind is still involved, that is where one can use a full stop, Drama. We have to have this practice of putting a full stop and that is silence. We have to connect with the first part: speak less, especially when it has happened and you keep speaking, keep repeating. Sometimes we blame the other one, causing sorrow, very subtly, that soul gets affected by our speaking. So actually, that is the moment, be in silence, it’s Drama, then you accumulate your thoughts, and also you give power to others. Also, appreciation of that person is very important at that time. That's what Brahma Baba used to do. So when we have the topic of Brahma Baba, “Follow Father”, that was one of the practices.

So, with silence, many of us observe three days of silence but silence for the whole day doesn't mean you're not speaking, but as much is necessary and internally, it feels so good, immediately say, “Okay, Drama.” Appreciation of others from our heart all the time, also helps us to speak less and speak sweetly. We have to connect these three words: less, soft, and sweet. If we practise that, then it's connected with silence. When internally there is a little bitterness, then you keep saying things, but if you are sweet and gentle, you won't have much to say, and that is also serving others. It’s like you're increasing their power and also their trust. Second, is that we need to practice being a detached observer. Not only with scenes of Drama, but every soul has its own nature, its own part to play and we cannot interfere, we should allow that soul to play that part. We sometimes become like directors, a lot of people like to dictate and that also becomes a habit, not knowing that I don't need to dictate. Let every soul play their part in a natural way. Yesterday, Baba mentioned “self-respect”. Baba said that if you have self-respect, then Baba also respects you. So do not be shaken, be what you are. It's very difficult because you hear comments, and you start losing what you are. I always believe to let a person be what that person is naturally, not try to say what I think that person has to do. It's my own emotions I am throwing out, but they're not needed.

Yesterday someone said that when this one speaks I am very hurt. I said that also has to stop now. Just consider the habit of that soul, but don't get hurt. We have to become strong, not to take sorrow, not to be hurt, just be very strong and stable. Why should I take sorrow? The third practice that we can do is very important, and that is as quickly anything happens, let me be in my original stage, just be incorporeal. That's a powerful break. Also, that I am a peaceful soul, I am a loveful soul, eternally I am a pure soul. Baba said that when there is impurity of any kind you have waste thoughts of why, what? So you are always in a queue, and impurity creates wasteful thoughts. So, silence every day, not only every day, every hour, every moment of life, because then when you are in silence you will feel Baba's help, you will feel the power that Baba gives us. If we are not in silence, we cannot remember Baba. Every moment you can give yourself a mark. Within one moment, how much was I in silence? How much did I keep thinking waste thoughts? So, I think it's very important, especially at this time, that we have to serve through our mind, we have to serve through our thoughts, mansa seva. Then it is very important to practice silence. If you say two extra words, you create another karmic accounts because they were useless, that was your own sanskar you were trying to put on someone else. If you really remain in silence, something gets settled very naturally. Dadi Janki always used to say, “If you sit and talk about any soul, you create more karmic accounts.” The same is with thinking. If you are getting thoughts of someone that are not necessary, it’s karmic accounts. So, I like it in silence: keep creating, keep settling, let whatever sanskar was there in between souls be settled, so that there are only good wishes.

So, our practice is very connected with “eknami and economy”. Eknami: just quickly remember Baba, think less, if you think less you will speak less. This is very beautiful, powerful, and important, but requires a lot of attention. Two words I keep reminding myself of are “attention and practice”. If you don't do it, Dadi Janki used to say that you will be deceived in the end, you will find something you said was not necessary, so you failed. So speak less, speak softly and speak sweetly. This practice is very connected with inner silence, and seeing during the whole day how many times you were loud. Did you say more than was necessary? Keep a chart so that you will have very natural silence.

So, Shantivan is Shantivan! 19,000 Baba’s children are here. You have to make a way to walk, all roads are full, with cars and vehicles all over, Baba's children all over. They were asking someone yesterday, “When you go for dinner, how is it? They say that it was good, manageable. Just imagine the cooking that must be happening. Because of COVID, we are not going around much here, but it is really worth watching them cutting, cooking, and serving. From our hearts, we say so many thanks to those who are servers, because this is the turn for Tamilnadu and Banaras and of course Dadi Gulzar was from Delhi, so they had an open invitation for Delhi also. So, it's very beautiful here, a new experience for all of us. I appreciate how much everyone is on their duty and with a lot of love and respect. They make sure you are safe, you are okay, and you are provided with everything. Okay, so we are bringing you to Shantivan, so that you can also have the experience with us. So, let's remember Baba. Lots of love from Madhuban.

Om Shanti

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