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Silent sound of the Soul - Eknami & Economy #12

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_12 Mohini_ Didi March 12, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy?, Okay. That's all the effort that is needed at Confluence Age, to remain happy and be okay all the time. Nothing should take away our happiness, and whatever happens, the different scenes of Drama, we have to remain okay. We have all attainments from Baba, and we have Baba with us. So, we have to be okay. Understanding and practice are two important things in life. Understanding in Hindi is called ‘samajh’ and Baba always uses the word after murli ‘samja’, did you understand? What we understand, we can practice the whole day. We practice to create a particular stage. When we practice and implement it, then our intellect accepts it. When we like it, then there won’t be the power of that stage. It is only when we practice, we create a stage, and that stage helps us in our spiritual journey. So, what did we practice? Being combined with Baba, so the power comes through awareness, smriti.

So, what will we do for tomorrow? Eknami; ek means one, nami means the name, name of One, that means to think about One, talk about One, remember One, all the time. We say Baba, Baba Karankaravanhar, Baba Almighty, Baba Bestower of Blessings. So, we keep saying eknami, all the time, think of One, say the name of One. I still remember the point in which Baba says, “You keep praising Me and you will become a consistent yogi.” That’s actually what we have to do, not like chanting on the path of bhakti, but thinking, remembering One. So when we think and remember One, automatically we become ‘economy’ or in other words, we save, we don’t spend that much, we don’t waste. The treasures we have, whether it’s our thoughts, our time, energy, but also peace, love, knowledge, all the treasures, we get from Baba, we are economical. We use them, we don’t waste them. Using is investment, it increases, but if we allow our thoughts to be wasted, we just keep speaking, that is not necessary. The same is with our love for Baba, our peaceful state of mind. So don’t waste time, for time generally people say that we are very busy. The mind also is busy, but where is it busy? Thinking about what happened, what shouldn’t have happened. Whatever has happened has already happened, what can we do about it? So, immediately use a full stop and have good wishes. Rectify it, reform it, because whatever has been spoken or whatever one has done, you cannot erase it, but only reduce the influence of that. To reduce the influence, you must immediately have a lot of good wishes, pure feelings, and vibrations, so that it will not have the wrong impact.

So, it’s a very good way to keep attention that I am only remembering One. If I am remembering, I am accumulating. So, it’s not just wasting, but how am I using it? That is why I like the first word ’eknami’. If I say I am using my thoughts in service, or I am using my thoughts somewhere, or time, but I am not necessarily remembering One, remembering Baba. So, what is really worthwhile is remembrance of Baba. Every time, every moment, I remember Baba while doing actions. Karma yogi means to remember Baba while doing actions. So, “eknami, economy”, this will need subtle attention, but if you do it during the day, you are accumulating, you have power. I always see that when there is power, everything works well. Even for a moment, if power shuts down for a moment, everything gets stuck. So, the same with inner power, inner strength, this is important for everything to function well. So, instead of always thinking everything should go a certain way, but yes, I should have power. When I have power, then everything will go well, and power comes through remembrance.

When there is remembrance or any quality, like honesty or love, then whatever we think and speak, it becomes like blessings. I find, when I am here, people only say that they want drishti. It’s not that they say we want blessings. So, I am wondering why they want drishti? One is of course they want power through drishti, and also blessings, incognito blessings. So, I invoke Baba, think of Baba, and then share drishti so they can experience Baba. I have to invoke Baba, or in soul consciousness, and look at the other soul as a child of Baba. When I look at the other one as a soul, as Baba’s child, the soul experiences that connection, and that becomes very helpful for them. Our drishti can help others to go beyond, or to feel connected with Baba, or feel the presence, because whatever is in the mind comes through the eyes. Generally, they say that the face is the index of the mind. That is why Baba says that through your face and through your activities, Baba will be revealed. So, the expression on the face shouldn't change, but it does. To glorify Baba, to reveal Baba, it is important to remember Baba, to invoke Baba.

So, we had this beautiful big ceremony at Avyakt Lok. Avyakt Lok is actually the subtle Region, that’s why they call it Avyakt Lok. There are 15,000 Baba’s children from all over, and now another group will be coming, and it’s Baba’s Day also. The tapasya that Dadi has done, all over the world, all the souls have so much love and respect for Dadi. Can you imagine, all over the world? It’s not what she gave, but what she was. What she was, was that image of Baba, and for 40 plus years, she allowed Avyakt Bapdada to use her medium, her body. It's a lot of service. So, I always say to everyone to become worthy, be lovely, be detached, and create your Avyakt stage so we can reveal Baba. Everyone has to make one’s own effort. Whatever one’s life is today or the stage, is because of one’s efforts. So, Dadi Gulzar reminds us of what it is like to have love for God. It is to become like Baba. We are children of Baba. We already are children of Baba, and it shouldn’t be difficult for a child to be like Baba, it should be very natural. So, practice eknami and economy so that we can accumulate and use it in a worthwhile way. Now let’s remember Baba, eknami.

Om Shanti

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