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Cheerful face #12

TreasureofHappiness_12                   Mohini_Didi                    May 12, 2024

Om Shanti!

It is a gift for us to be cheerful. The most beautiful gift from Baba at the Confluence Age is ‘to be always cheerful’. When I looked at brother Jagdish, listening to him, and seeing this photograph, so many beautiful memories emerged. His desire was that everyone should have full knowledge, full understanding, and be accurate in doing everything. Of course he wanted all of us to be active, but very accurate. Sometimes we used to joke that we cannot please him whatever we do. In the beginning when we just started doing exhibitions, Jagdishbhai and myself, some of us used to go to prepare the exhibition. If he would tell us to set up the table or put tablecloth on that or anything, if there was even a little bit of anything that is not perfect, he would immediately say, “Make it right, make it perfect.” He was always accurate and perfect, but also he has many stories of the blessings he was given by Baba. He was obedient. I had the honour of doing service. His determination was that ‘yes, we have to make it, it will happen.’ So, he would always say that God wants us, God has given us a plan, it will happen. I always remember my days being together with him in Delhi, and it was very beautiful. It's not easy to get such committed souls. He was a professor of philosophy, very well read. He wrote many books, he explained things so simple for us so that we could explain to others properly. You must have seen his books. So our tributes, our love for the soul, wherever he is playing his part.

‘Introversion and cheerfulness’. Extroverts could be cheerful but it is more external but the more we are reflecting, the more we meditate and be with Baba, the more we are cheerful. Baba is asking if you need any entertainment to be cheerful. Solitude is important, it's all right, but with solitude also togetherness, harmony. Baba has given us an unlimited big family, and everyone in the family is fortunate, is very rich, and that richness is shown through our cooperation for everything. No matter how big the task is, it gets done. We had Mother's Day, maybe 300 plus souls. When you think of Madhuban, thousands are fed. When there was Dadi Gulzar’s day, there were 20,000 and when you go to the kitchen, everything is done. Brothers plan very nicely, cooking, serving, and sharing. Baba is giving us homework and also signalling what we should be like. Baba said that you belong to BapDada’s company and BapDada’s family. There is now no need to go to any club for entertainment or to be happy. Let there always be such a sparkle of happiness on your face, then your cheerful face works like a billboard sign. Baba says that advertising will take place through your cheerful face very naturally. Especially when there are difficult times, there is tension, you get stressed. Whatever is happening outside, inside you are cheerful like Brahma Baba. Whatever scene was there, he was cheerful. Cheerfulness creates hope in others. If you're not cheerful then that tension emerges in others also. It's a kind of internal energy that it gives to everyone.

Om Shanti 

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