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See but do not see #27

Embodiment_ of_ Success _27 Mohini_Didi October 27, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone is happy and healthy because they are very clean, pure, no toxins. These days it is a very common practice that people eat everything they like, chocolates, fried food and then they go to a health resort to detox. When we look at Brahma Baba’s life, the life of Dadies, they never needed to do that. Here Baba is talking about spiritual toxins in the sense of looking at what is not necessary, describing what is not necessary, it’s negative or waste. If we are very careful in what we are accepting, then we don’t need to detox because our system, our mind and intellect are clean because of the purity. Just imagine what Baba wants us to do. I really from my heart feel so grateful to Baba for giving us such teachings where is not just physical, but internal cleanliness, internal lightness, everything is there. Baba is saying adopt such a personality in Brahmin life that your energy, time and thoughts will continue to be used in a worthwhile way. There are always short stories, long stories, one story after another. There can be a long list of stories, but I don’t tell stories nor I listen to stories. Do not keep your mind and intellect busy in trivial matters. The matter may be small, but 10 people talk about it and then another 10 and it becomes such a big story. Everyone adds a little more and a little more. It was a small matter but became big. When hearing things of impurity do not listen to them. See, but do not see. If you don’t pay attention, if you don’t notice, you won’t remember. Baba says that when walking along the road, if you see something with which you have no connection, then you see it but do not see it, so you consider it to be a side scene and just go beyond. Whatever you see if it is of no use to you, listen but don’t hear, see but do not see. They say that images and voices always have a great impact in your life and that impact is not short term, it could be your whole life. Many scenes we have seen as a child, once in a while can emerge. Again the same thought comes, same words, but if I avoid it and don’t pay attention, it’s the kind of purity Baba is teaching us. I know that many of us came to Baba at a very young age so we were protected and we never got into impure acts of impurity of any kind but still when we come to Baba then the quality of purity that is of mind of intellect is only taught by Baba and by saying that all that what you see and you speak is a waste the word waste also is a very powerful signal so anything which is waste is not being use in a worthwhile way so when there is purity then whatever you do you use it in worthwhile way and then you are successful all the time so it’s very beautiful I call it another petal in the flower to keep us full and blossomed so let us take that and adopt the personality of purity.

Om Shanti.


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