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Say My Baba with your Heart #14

Embodiment_of_Solutions_14 Mohini Didi September 14, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone and Happy Satguruvaar!

You all must have experienced a lot of love from Baba. Baba has shown us the path. We are on the journey and Baba is our companion. Baba is also our Supreme Guide. That is why we say Satguru Baba. So, when the Supreme guide is with us, His eyes are on us, He gives his hand, and we also constantly have to look at Him. In our awareness, never forget that Baba is holding my hand. We might leave His hand or sometimes forget Baba, but Baba won't. Certain things when we speak to Baba, we do it through the intellect, sometimes we do it through our thoughts, but today Baba is saying say to speak from your heart. So, I was thinking about what the difference is. How do I know that I am saying ‘my Baba’ from my heart or if I'm just saying it through the intellect? A lot of people still ask, “What is the difference between the mind and the heart?” Heart is where you think and speak with love, with trust, but when it is through the intellect, yes there is faith, you say ‘my Baba’, but what Baba's saying is to say it from heart, ‘my Baba.’ When you say ‘my Baba’, the next thing is ‘my family’, ‘my yagya.’ I remember that when thousands of Baba's children are in front of Baba, there is so much variety of children. So, one time I was talking to Dadi Gulzar about quality. Dadi said that they all are Baba's children. At least they recognize Baba, and they follow the life of purity, these are two main important things, third definitely they are numberwise. Some will be very good in studies, some won't, some will be more dedicated, some less, that will continue, but they all are Baba's children. After that, I also have my drishti, all are Baba's children and everyone has their own part to play. Baba has an account of everyone, we don't need to keep it.

So it's very interesting homework for tomorrow, to say ‘my Baba’ with your heart. Take a moment and do it from the heart. We say disheartened, when you lose hope, that is like you don't want to do. One is distaste, and distaste is a very good quality, but somewhere deeply you have lost hope, so you get disheartened. Baba is with us, so whatever happens, keep courage. There is a saying that when you have courage and keep courage, God helps you. When there is no courage, even Baba wants to help but we can't receive it, we won't feel it. So, even to feel that Baba is with me and helping me at every step it is important for me to say it from my heart, never get discouraged or lose hope. What I find these days whenever we find it's not working well or little crisis, that is for change. Certain things keep going on and they are certain things not right, so obstacle will come, or something will happen so we don't need to be scared because there the system will change, some things will change and that's what I had been really noticing. So, when I hear something, I always say yes, Baba is taking care. Baba is taking care instead of saying oh look what's happening this keep happening, I don't say anything. I said Baba is your task, it’s unlimited, you have unlimited children, so you're taking care now. So, never lose hope or courage. I don't think I can do anymore, never because lamp has to remain ignited, and hope is the light. We can’t live in darkness. As soon as courage and hope are lost it's like darkness. That means you can't see, you're not clear. So, heart. I am explaining so you feel what is coming, what is happening to your heart and that's why also they say true heart honest heart, sachha dil. So, with determination, keep courage, keep hope. We are about to complete our journey. Not only that but feel what Baba said today, there is a fruition of every virtue at Confluence Age. Anything you have done sincerely there is a reward, not golden age as reward, that's later on but reward at Confluence Age. So, we call it seva ka mewa, reward of seva. So, Baba says say My Baba with your heart. The reason for any conflict is I and you. We should say we, we all, not I and you, but we. So, Baba says that mine and yours. However, keep the father in front of you and say my Baba with your heart and any conflict or problem will easily be resolved. We have to believe it and do it tomorrow, that's our homework. So, say my Baba with your heart and any conflict because a conflict is really internal, then it gets created outside, so that is why the conflict will be resolved, always be free from obstacles, and with an intense effort continue to experience flying stage. And without effort we can't get anything. And if we can pay attention, do little deeper intense then there will be flying stage. The stage of being free from obstacles over a long time and a strong stage will easily finish the stage of being free from obstacles. I always am not taking it because it starts, it comes in the mind, your thought, no, I am not entertaining these thoughts. I immediately refuse. It's not it doesn't. Like Baba said in the Murli that Maya has a what Baba said thief door, chor darwaza, that means nobody knows about it. So, I think then Maya enters but if it enters, I say no, still lock it, so in your mind you could feel now these thoughts are coming they're not according to Shrimat, I am not going to allow them. So, they come one thought, few thought, and we get alerted because I don't want to be under influence of Maya, then get up, then fall, then get up, happens too much. We have to remain strong, strong stage Baba says easily finish all types of compulsion or dependency, majboori. I am sure that you all will continue with your homework, wherever I am, we will be together. And I definitely recommend everyone to take your homework and few times a day then you see that you are becoming image of solution. Because that's our homework for this month is the image of solution. And I always feel Baba will be so happy that they are following. That's Baba’s happiness. For so many years Baba keeps giving us knowledge and to apply the knowledge is what Avyakti signals are, and they all are from Murlis. Every point had been taken from Murlis. Raju Bhai does lot of research, select the theme, then select the points and so Avyakti parivar, we will continue to our commitment of using these points doing homework and definitely take help from Baba, maintain your courage and hope. And so even if I am leaving for Madhuban, you will get more good news from Madhuban, what is happening in Shantivan. They have every day something, every day. So, I will share every day different kinds of. They already started preparing for World Summit which happening and quite a big program is happening very soon. That is why also I thought because my aim is to meet more teachers, no more people so at least that can happen. We will continue with Avyakti Parivar. There might not be Hindi one because of the time but definitely English one and all other programs because team is still ready for whatever has to be done and I will be with all of you also every day. So, that's Baba’s blessings for us. So, lots of love to everyone. In any way say goodbye to you all from New York and I will say hello to all of you from Shantivan. So yes, thank you. Everyone's good wishes are with me. We're getting lot of emails and thank you very much and all the cooperation which you all have been giving for the family and for the yagya also.

Om Shanti


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