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Save Through Your Words and Actions #16

Increase Your Account of Accumulation_16 Mohini Didi March 16, 2023

Om Shanti everyone, Baba’s avyakt lovely family!

Wherever different souls meet from different parts of the world, they mention Avyakti Parivar. Bhumi Bhen has been able to give the timeless calendar, which I hope you all got. She has been giving it to everyone, so they really like it, appreciate it. So, Avyakti parivar is generous, whatever way you contribute, we are able to give certain gifts to everyone. We have some small bags, which we will show you when we give calendars, toli, and gifts from New York. We all put it in that bag and they walk around with that. Very handy and good.

Baba is saying that you should have a balance sheet at nighttime. You see in the balance sheet your account, what you are and what you spent. It should be maintained regularly. I don’t know these days but there was a time when people did not like a lot of checks or credit cards, they spent money. So, they always write in brief what they got, and what they have spent. Especially mothers because they are given limited money for the expenses of the household. So, at nighttime they write, I got his much and I spent this much. So, Baba is reminding us what you have to do to save something. There are different methods, Baba said. One is not to use powers, the other is to use powers. Especially the power of tolerance. Today, Baba is saying that thoughts are invisible. It is not saving just not thinking negative, we need to think elevated. Of course, one of the important blessings we share with everyone is that everything will be okay. The other is also to give more positive blessings to someone, to increase enthusiasm, courage, trust, and any quality. It's very loving and interesting to do that, because you will feel a lot of happiness by bestowing on someone any virtue that is required by that soul. You will definitely be successful. You are very courageous. You always are a person who accomplishes. You have a lot of determination. These kinds of thoughts are blessings that should be shared the whole day. You are doing very well. Just pay attention to how you can do better.

So, how do we keep increasing the inner strength of virtues in everyone around us, anyone who meets us? Baba is saying that we are earning the income and also saving the income. One is through thoughts which are not visible. I remember we sometimes don’t have enough words to express, so we remain quiet. It could happen. It happens a lot to me too. So, I give through thoughts, but souls also want to hear through words. Once there was one brother who had a store business, but he had some problem during the day, and he called, and I heard. I gave love, sakaash, and good wishes. I didn’t say much. I just said, “Oh, it's very good, nothing much has happened, your lives are okay, some things were stolen, but you are okay.” So, later on, another sister called and said that Sister Mohini didn’t express much sympathy. So, I was wondering because I thought I did it, but maybe it was less words and more through thoughts. So, I think it’s just like saying appropriate words at the right time could bring a lot of strength, courage, and hope in the hearts of other souls. So, I think we have to allow the flow of words of good wishes and blessings for everyone. All that has to be in the mind and intellect so that we remember.

Baba is saying that we also give through actions. That means giving support, showing care, especially these days, we hear a lot about health issues. So, if we can, do it through actions. It’s a family. For some, I know it is convenient. We have a big program; we call it ‘Family Care’. Within the Brahmin family, if there is physical sickness or old age, and if it's practical, you have some help. So, you make some soup and send it to either the home or the hospital, if they don’t have anyone else in the family who could cook for them. Many mothers are very strong in the principle of serving and eating food only from Baba’s children. If you are near a drug store, you can get medicine. If someone is doing something, and the soul looks very busy, a little bit of tension to complete that task, and you have little extra time, you can say, “I can help you. Do you need help?” Really that gives such a good feeling of a loveful, friendly, cooperative relationship. It leaves a big impact on the heart. When you are able to help the soul, then definitely that soul will give you lots of blessings. So, what Baba is saying is that thoughts are invisible. We silently give good wishes. We silently give sakaash. As soon as you hear something about Baba’s children or even lokik people, Baba has taught us to have good wishes, give light and might, so we start doing that. Today, Baba is saying you also have to do through words, then further, through actions.

So, you can think about it, how it is possible. Baba also gave something beautiful, I really liked, fly to Baba. If there is anything, like a little child hiding in the lap of parents, mother or father, and is not able to see what is happening. So, Baba is also saying if you find something serious suddenly happening and it’s a little bit unpleasant, the scene of Drama, then fly to Baba. In Baba’s lap, even Maya cannot find you, and nothing from outside is going to affect you if it’s Baba’s lap. So, I think that whatever Baba tells us, in other words he is promising us. So, if he is promising then we should experiment with that. Just close your eyes. Instead of seeing what's happening, let’s see, like on the road accident, people shouldn’t watch but they stop to see how much damage, what happened to the driver, so we take time. That's why there is a traffic jam. We know it's one accident, but hundreds of people have to watch it. So, they watch it so minutely, in detail and that leaves a big impact on them. For us, while seeing that we disappear, and we go into Baba’s lap. It’s so beautiful. I would rather practice this instead of seeing the scene and absorbing it. Just be detached and Baba’s lap is definitely very comforting but also protective. It protects us from any kind of external sorrow or hurt or harm. So, Baba’s love, Baba’s lap, and our protection. So, from today we will keep a balance sheet every night, and take care of our income and expenditure.

Om Shanti

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