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Saraswati Becomes Lakshmi # 23

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_23 Mohini_Didi June 23, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is tapaswi, right? So, the definition of tapasya is one who gives happiness and one who takes happiness. So, is it giving first or taking first? Generally, they say give and take, or should it be take and give? We receive happiness from where? Baba, knowledge. Our happiness is to take from Baba, and then give happiness to others. If I don’t take happiness from Baba, then what will we get from human beings? Sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow. So, I don’t take it, or immediately change it into happiness, because a lot of souls act based on their sanskars, their strong personality. When they do that, the one who does it is suffering internally, not feeling good, and having low self-esteem. So, I should really feel love and mercy for that soul instead of getting upset, because there are some very deep sanskars. If there is lack of attention, lack of self-respect, or whatever reason could be, the sanskars just pop up, they just emerge, and the soul starts acting, saying, or behaving in a particular way. It’s just sanskars, but why should I take it? I know it might take time. How many of you never take sorrow? If we really pay attention, if we keep this in mind, then gradually you start noticing. I don’t know if they want to give sorrow, or it’s just that they act and we take sorrow. Ok, if someone even has intention to give sorrow, I should be merciful to that soul, because the karmas that soul is creating are not good, and not charitable. So, by paying attention, I always immediately think that this is that one’s sanskar.

Baba also says to give happiness. I remember when we were young Brahmins, our Dadis used to say, “ If anyone says something that is not right, you say ‘thank you’.” When you say ‘thank you’, the other soul will realize. There are some souls who react and say similar things, and there are some souls who don’t say anything, but they keep it inside. If someone has any sorrow, or doesn’t feel satisfied, that soul will keep giving that out. So, what can I do to help? We were listening to one story today. Once Dadi Janki was in her room and one sister came who was very upset about something. She kept saying things, and there were many others sitting around thinking, “Why does she have to talk like that?” Dadi called her very near, gave a lot of love to her, because something was troubling her, and that’s why she was speaking that way. She didn’t mean to humiliate, insult, or say anything. It was her own sorrow. We all have to be careful. We have learned to be careful during this Covid time, whether social distancing, or wearing masks. So, we have to work on that, because there is some benefit in every act of Drama. Whatever is happening, there must be some benefit in that.

So, keep that, and also our practice is Saraswati to Lakshmi. It’s not a question of wealth. There should be such pure, satopradhan energy, sato mind, sato intellect, sato nature, that you are accomplished, “sampann”, and always full. Wealth is not everything. That is Saraswati, imperishable wealth of knowledge, and sweet. Mama was so sweet. These days, we have been hearing a lot of experiences of souls with Mama, that she never raised her voice, ever. Whatever way souls came in front of her, she was very sweet, she was very loving, and she would just remind them of what Baba says, Baba’s teachings, not what I want you to do. Who would listen? Whatever Baba says, I will listen. So, she would always explain from Baba’s Murlis, from Baba’s knowledge, and there would be immediate transformation and realization in that soul. Saraswati was 18 years old when she was told that she had to play the part of Mama, and she accepted. The Dadis were all older than her, but she had a lot of self-respect and obedience. Baba said it, and she would do it. Baba said in Murli, “I want sweet and obedient children, sweet and cool, serviceable children. So, we all have to keep that aim to be Saraswati. You will feel your intellect always singing or playing the flute of knowledge. So, we have to be Saraswati to Lakshmi.

Om Shanti

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