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Sanskars same as BapDada’s #26

Harmonizing_Sanskars_26           Mohini_Didi                 April 26, 2024

Om Shanti!

First we got the definition, introduction of the soul, and before that we did not know that the soul has three faculties. One is the power to think, that is called the mind. Then there is the power to discern, and that is called the intellect. Then whatever is decided, we perform actions, and when we perform actions, it leaves an impression or imprint, and that is called a sanskar. If you do something five or six times, it becomes a sanskar. Sanskars within the soul originally are of good qualities, love, purity, and peace, very natural. However, when there is body consciousness, then those qualities change and it becomes ego. It could be hatred, jealousy, any kind of negative trait. The energy went from Sato to Rajo, then from rajo to tamo, and now we have to transform tamo, dark. to the light, to purity. Baba gives us the aim, “You are my children and you all have inherent qualities like Me.” I think most of us realize this. I always thought that we all have God‘s qualities in us. What has happened, as Baba says, is that from the full moon it has become the last degrees of the moon. The same has happened with us. We lost our purity and it’s not something new for us to be pure, because we were pure and then we became impure. It’s not that we were impure and we became pure. We have to just reclaim our qualities. So to become like Baba, it is just a matter of realization. Baba’s qualities remove Sorrow and give happiness, to be free from bondage, and experience liberation. Any of the divine acts of Baba become our qualities also. Baba is saying when someone has easy and sweet sanskars, then these sanskars are in that one’s form. When your sanskars become the same as BapDada’s then BapDada’s form will be visible in everyone. It’s not the publicity. It’s not what you say. You reveal Baba from your image. Baba said that it could be from your easy nature, sweetness, caring, all these beautiful qualities. So, Baba says that just as BapDada is, so are His children. His duty, His words, His thoughts, will be experienced identically. It will emerge from everyone’s lips that this one looks the same as BapDada. Churn, experience, and become an embodiment.

Om Shanti

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