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Ruling in the Land of Happiness # 22

Creating _Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_22 Mohini_Didi June 22, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is happy, everyone is okay? Yes? Learn to be ever happy! Is there any school where it is taught how to be happy? It's only when we become Baba's child. Baba’s children are always happy. Baba has given us the knowledge, the understanding that this is the world of duality. Like within the day, there is day and night, it's morning, evening, sorrow and happiness, respect and humiliation, cold and hot. There are always adverse situations, but the definition of a yogi is one who is beyond the influence of both. There are two types of happiness: one is deep within, inner happiness, which is from knowing one's own self truly. If something happens, because I am honest, I am happy, I am okay. This is not happiness like bubbling externally, but internally when there is truth, there is happiness, there is honesty. If I have love for everyone, my heart is happy. I like everyone, my heart is happy. So, one is this kind of happiness. Actually, happiness has two words that we use. One is khushi, like joy, happiness, and the other is sukh, in the sense that everything is very pleasant and comfortable and okay. So, for God we say He is “Remover of sorrow” and “Bestower of happiness”. I believed from day one that only God can remove sorrows and then bestow happiness, but then Baba also had been talking about being a charitable soul. What is being a charitable soul? It is helping someone, cooperating at the right moment of need. If someone is thirsty, and you can share water, that person will give a lot of blessings.

You all must have heard the story of Brahma Baba. In olden days, people used to travel long distances for their business. So, once he was returning from his business trip and he was very thirsty, but he couldn't find any well, water pump, or anything. Finally, he found a hut, and somewhere he found water. When he reached home, he told his assistant in that area to have many wells, at least a few, so that people's thirst can be quenched. You can throw a big party and give drinks to people, juices and sodas. I remember, when we were young, we were taught, if you see a hungry person, you share your food. During the time of partition, I came to Delhi very early and there were a lot of refugees. So, when we leave home, they would give us a few extra sandwiches and say, “If you see any hungry child, give that sandwich.” There used to be so much joy looking into the eyes of that child who gets the sandwich. When someone is thirsty, hungry, or even someone is lost on the way, you are able to give the right direction. What if you say, “No I don't know you, find your own way”? Of course these days, we have many different ways, but to be helpful to someone at the time of need is a charity, and that brings a lot of inner contentment, joy, and a kind of pleasure. One happiness is when you are able to achieve something, you really have a desire for something, and you get it accomplished. One is temporary happiness, and the other is everlasting happiness. So, when Baba is talking about happiness, He's talking about inner, consistent joy.

When any adverse situation comes, I have to use the powers. I need to adjust, or I need to tolerate, I need to add whatever power is required. We see it more as our test that I have to pass with honor, but also one thought I always had is that I will go in front of God, always smiling. I have never gone with complaints or desires, because I always feel that He's my parents, and that He will be so happy to see me smiling. I get all the blessings all the time, always. That's what Baba is saying,”Children be cheerful, be smiling, be happy.” We saw Brahma Baba from the fifth floor of the house, he was looking down and these young children with their parents, a lot of demonstrations were going on. They wanted to take them away, and the children didn't want to go. Baba was upstairs smiling because he knew that truth is truth, right is right, and everything will become all right.

Mamma's day is coming, and I was sharing today with Shivshakti leadership that she was able to change her faith by becoming carefree, never worried. So many things used to happen, internal, external, and she changed her truth into being brave and courageous. If I am honest and truthful, I have courage. Every situation comes for us to create in us and use, but without worry and fear. This way, it’s not only becoming charitable, but internally, that feeling that comes of joy from those kinds of actions is the real happiness. Everything in the world has a limited life, anything, whether it's expensive or cheap, everything is mortal, and one day it will disappear. So then what happens? We know it's going to happen, but why should I be sad about it? I know a lot of people who say, “My heart is hurting” for every little thing. Why is your heart hurting? Nothing is everlasting. Dadi Gulzar used to say that the only thing you can make everlasting is your happiness. Let everything disappear, but your happiness should not go.

So, like everyone, have love for everyone, be a charitable soul and look at this whole cycle of the Drama. What do you hear these days? A lot of hatred, a lot of violence, but we are not connected with that world, we have simplicity, we are honest for everything, and we are receiving all the powers from Almighty Baba. Don't just say Baba, say Almighty Baba. I remember when the Dadis came for service in the beginning, they had nothing. When they wanted to do a program, people would ask where the money would come from. So they used to say Almighty Baba or Karankaravanhar is with me. Baba will make it happen. So, they used to invoke Baba with that quality so they can experience that power, and from their power, they remain not only light, but everything got accomplished. Baba said, “I need children who are sweet and cool, sensible, mature, and serviceable.” We are such children.

So, the kingdom of happiness is being established, and if I want to rule that, then I have to know how to change sorrow into happiness within a second. So, just remain stable, consistent, and constantly cheerful, smiling, because your smile is comfort for many, their sorrows can be removed, and you can make others smile also.

Om Shanti


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