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Reveal The Father Through Your Own Stage #15

Determined _Thought_15 Mohini_Didi February 15, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

We are about to celebrate Baba’s birthday, our birthday on the 18th morning. There will be a flag hoisting here, and offering Bhog. I am sure you will also do the same at your places. Baba had been saying a lot about first creating awareness, and then through awareness, there is a stage. What does service or reveal Baba, is your stage. Baba says that through words, we give the introduction of Baba, we reveal Baba through words, but there is more impact of your virtues, your stage. One of the stages which Baba just described is to be ‘merged in Baba's love’. So, I am thinking that whenever we meet whether lokik or alokik, for a few moments at least we begin with the stage of being merged in Baba's love. We share our drishti, power of love, power of silence, and then we begin to talk. We will practise that today. We are creating that stage so that through our eyes, through our appearance, through our speaking, through our face, Baba will be revealed, in the sense that they will internally know or they would want to know who gave them knowledge. Who makes them like this? From where do they get power? So that they are able to practise all the virtues. These days, two of the very important virtues that are required are “Patience and Trust”. If for a minute we lose patience, then there are a lot of other thoughts, irritation, and reaction. Patience really comes when there is trust. Baba is with us, it will happen, Drama definitely will be in our favour. Yes, everyone will cooperate, tasks will get accomplished. Will it happen? How will it happen? Might not happen. All these thoughts that come could create confusion and also I find that our own thoughts can be the obstacles.

Most of the obstacles are really through our thoughts. As much as we keep our thoughts very stable in the sense of just maintaining your faith, the atmosphere makes things happen because there are vibrations. We say that there is power in faith, but there is also victory in faith. Victory is maintaining faith. The first part of victory is that I was able to maintain faith until the last minute. Then internally without any influence I think of Baba, and with pure mind, ‘discern and decide’. That also has a very good effect, which is our constant effort. Did I decide because of influence? Did I decide because it was right? So very subtly maintaining the virtues, the stage, something happens and everyone is upset about it but how will it help? So, if I remain peaceful, I remain quiet, I am making things right. That's the only way to make things right, by maintaining this stage of your virtue. If you believe in the power of the mind, the power of our own virtue, then that definitely will work. So at your lokik home, at your workplace, or within the spiritual family, also your progress, your stability, your stage, is very visible. Something that is incognito, whatever you are, cognito or incognito, vibrations can be experienced. If you have a rose flower with fragrance, you hide it for sandalwood, you cannot, you hide it, but thefragrance is still there. So, it is the same with virtue, virtue is always visible, then everyone is able to look into that.

So how do we use the words as much as necessary? Let's say you say something about tolerance, but then you have to be in that stage of tolerance. I'm not tolerating and telling others to tolerate, and in our faces that tolerance is not visible, it won't have impact, it won't empower someone else. So how do we constantly serve? Through our vibrations, through our virtue, you can't speak the whole day because you can introduce Baba through words but later comes your revelation through virtues. Sometimes we have transformation up to certain extent, and then we get stuck but transformation is a very continuous process. Yes, you adopted certain principles, but in practical, you do it gradually, but we have to keep doing it until we become perfect right. We cannot stop and say, “Oh, I did it and it's over now. “

Baba is giving us this Avyakt signal, that service is not through just words but through our virtues, through our activity. We have to pay attention that our interaction with others, our conversation with others, our communication through drishti with others, all that is becoming full of virtues.

Om Shanti


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