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Remain Stable In Your Perfect Form #12

Embodiment_of_Solution_12 Mohini Didi September 12, 2023

Om shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Everyone is well? Very good. Baba is telling us what is to be well. To be well means to be stable in your perfect stage. What is the perfect stage? Everything is 100%. We talk about the Shri Krishna stage, 16 degrees, viceless, all virtues, Maryada Purushottam. I think that when we use these qualities they will increase and that way it will become 100%. That’s why if you remember yesterday’s Avyakti signal about being a donor, fortune maker and giver of blessings, I think what we could do is, emerge the stage of perfection. That is, the elevated thoughts, divine intellect, and pure sanskars. I think we should make effort to follow the Father and be stable in your stage of perfection. We cannot say that Brahma Baba’s faith increased gradually, Baba had faith. Even when he created the trust, he started something that was quite new and different, he had faith that it would work. Otherwise, he would not have had all three buildings for children, for mothers, for families. A lot of people take initiative, they start something, but are not successful. With Baba, you can see his success. All over the world, everywhere, I was looking at this year in the USA or every country, and every center is saying,”Oh, there were so many who came to tie rakhi.” So numbers are increasing. Expansion and something that is sustainable. We have enough spiritual examples, where others can get inspired. So his faith was 100%. His love was 100%. His commitment was 100%. A time came when there were no resources, but still he remained very stable. So, I think we keep Baba in front of us.

We all should try to experience the stage of perfection in the end when we share drishti. Even now for a few moments, think, ‘I have to emerge the stage of perfection.’ I am saying we can do it, we can try. So, the homework for tomorrow is to remain stable in your perfect form. All of you have claimed full marks in the subject of love. Everyone has 100% love for Baba. So, Baba is saying that in the same way, now prepare the rosary of those who are embodiments of solutions, never a problem, no questions. To become perfect means to become an embodiment of solutions. Your mind will work in such a way that you will have answers and solutions. Baba says that with your father Brahma, even those who brought problems in front of him, forgot their problems. Even for us when somebody is talking about problems, you remember Baba and you will find that they will find a solution, they will know that you have solutions. So, Baba says that the problems will be experienced like childhood games, like toys. So follow the Father and remain stable in your perfect form. Baba wants a rosary now, a rosary of those who are images of solution. When we say the rosary of victory, that is the solution. Then when you find a solution, you feel so happy, whether it is for yourself or someone else. For some, every little thing is a problem, and for some, even if it is a very big thing, they say, “No problem. It’s not a problem.” So, we should think about our homework , contemplate on our homework, and see by tomorrow evening, pay attention, and keep emerging the stage of perfection. Many situations come in the mind. This could happen, that could happen, what will happen? Now you emerge your stage and then think. ‘What will happen?’ A very positive answer will come in your mind. Okay, that’s our homework for tomorrow.

Om Shanti


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