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Remain In The Awareness Of Who You Are and Who You Belong To #13

Determined_Thought_13 Mohini_Didi Feb 13th,2023

Om Shanti Everyone !

This morning, I was thinking about the importance of awareness. In this month’s Avyakti signals, everyday there is different kind of smriti or awareness. We should pay a lot of attention to the power of silence, remembrance of Baba. It is also very important to create all different kinds of awareness. A beautiful flower in the beginning is in the form of a bud and starts opening and blossoms. Every leaf opens, while blooming. I was seeing how the middle of the flower is remembrance of Baba and the power of silence, but each petal is like different kinds of awareness. It is important to reach the stage of perfection to have different kinds of awareness.

I liked what Baba was saying about love. Is it love with only One, are you taking any other support? Whether it is the support of facilities, devices or any human being, then it's divided. All the attainments which I could get from Baba in one relationship and one support is very subtle. How to have all the relationships? We all need each other for some help or other, but not to become a support. It's very interesting that strength comes from One, so Baba is saying that your love shouldn't be divided. It should be with One, and actually that love with One, you can use as power to share God's love with others, is also helping others to become powerful. No one else’s remembrance can bring power to the soul. It's only one remembrance, one smriti, love with One, all relationships with One. My all attainments are from One. Then I, as an instrument, can also give strength and support to others.

Today what Baba is saying on Avyakti signal is to have the awareness of who am I and whom I belong to? There are so many introductions, definitions, qualities, and specialties of each one of us. We can take one per day and think of when we came to Baba, what kind of awareness was first given to us. What were we reminded of, What we were and what we have to become. Baba of course, gives us the knowledge of the soul. I am a soul, but what kind of soul? Everyone is a soul, but I am the soul from the beginning of the golden age, that is, I am divine, I am pure, I am a deity soul. When I am a deity soul, I will remember not about my throne and crown, but about my virtues, all divine virtues. When there is awareness of who am I, then internal reflection and even outer reflection shows on our face. Whatever is in the mind, that awareness emerges in our external expression. A deity is what I was, Baba adopted me. Why did he adopt me? Always remember that I belonged to God.

Sometimes some souls don't feel that belonging, but I belong to Baba. Baba has adopted me, Baba is my Parent and Baba has love for everyone, but sometimes we start seeking love and support from others. Everyone should appreciate me, everyone should know about me. I don't need that. The more I am in remembrance and awareness that I belong to Baba, automatically everyone will have love for you too. If I keep saying, “I don't know where I belong, nobody appreciates me, what about yagya, nobody asked me”, one should never feel that way. It’s only because, now you are expecting from souls to give you something. Your fortune is in your belonging to Baba. As soon as you think of human beings and what people think about you, they will think differently. I have to remember Baba. How does Baba look at me? Take drishti from Baba, talk to Baba and remember your belonging. As much as you remember belonging, you will not expect from other human beings. My own experience of the journey is that I never looked at anyone to give me anything, whether it is lokik or spiritual but I must say, I got everything. I received a lot of love from lokiks, a lot of love from alokik all the time. You can be with one thousand, a hundred thousand, definitely it's a big family, and you have to be part of that.

Don’t try to copy anyone, nor compete with anyone. I am Baba's unique child. I am Baba's special child and I have my own part to play. You cannot look at anyone's part, you play your own. That's where the difficulties are. There was a play of the Ramayana, the story of Rama and Sita. On the stage some of Rama's attention went on Ravan which I think he had to, because they had to fight and all that, but he noticed the acting of Ravan and started doing the same. The director was so confused and kept telling him, “No you can't do this. This is not your part.” Sometimes it does happen, we look at part of others and get confused with our own part. Never try to be what others are. I never try to do what others are doing. Use knowledge, feelings of belonging, your own awareness of who you are. All this awareness and belonging has a lot to do with our becoming a deity, becoming like Baba. At confluence age, Baba says, become like Me. I have to look at Baba, I have to follow Baba and of course take all the powers from Baba. There are moments where even if everyone is with you, you have to be alone. I am an individual soul, I came alone and I will go alone. I feel life is with everyone, but alone. That is why your own awareness and your own efforts are very important and they don't remain invisible or incognito. It’s our own effort which takes us to our destination. It's our own efforts that fulfill what we need to become. Think about creating the awareness of who am I and whom I belong to? It was January 18 th the first time Baba said the power of awareness, samarthi of simriti. Samarthi is more than power, it’s like willpower, the ability of capacities, specialties, all this becomes the part of power or samarthi. To learn, to listen, to convey, to communicate constantly there is a lot of learning in our life and that makes you capable too. Awareness, attainments and the powers, so that the flower is fully blossomed, every leaf, every petal becomes fully blossomed, and that's what Baba wants.

Om Shanti !

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