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Remain constantly beyond body consciousness #5

 Stay_in_Avyakti_Silence_5                 Mohini_Didi                January 5, 2024

Om Shanti everyone!

There are a lot of reflections but what emerges is Brahma Baba also had a body. Shivbaba adopted a body but when Baba walked next to me what was my feeling? Every person when they walk with you in the sense of passing by your side or coming in front, everyone has a different presence. Brahma Baba’s presence was angelic because body consciousness and ego of the body are two things and this time of the confluence age or any time in the whole cycle, you can’t play a part without body, so body is my companion. I have to be friendly with the body. I have to take care of the body whether it’s my hygiene, health or habits, it’s very important. This love for the body is important at confluence age and that’s not body consciousness. Respect for the body is respect for nature. These five elements we everyday say we have to make elements satopradhan. The body is also part of the five elements, now when you breathe whatever kind of thoughts you have, your air quality becomes that. That is why they say breath and thought have a deep connection. If you are concerned, worried see your breathing speed, pulsation. It’s a very close connection of a soul and a body. Soul consciousness will help to use the body in the sense that it becomes transparent, as I said, as I will read, you will hear that with Brahma Baba everyone felt like an angel passed. Of course it’s Baba, remembrance and that he was able to keep his body very straight, very beautiful. I should say that it’s love for the body so whether I see the body as an instrument, or whether I see the body as my home. Today I was seeing my body as a temple. I thought if I am becoming a goddess, seeing Baba’s eight powers. If I have to be Durga then I need a temple, so how do we create the environment, space where I live? Whether it is an ordinary room, big room or small room, it doesn’t matter, but the vibrations of the room, even the things which we have in the room. Simplicity is one of our principles, but it’s also very beautiful, nice when the goddess is entering the temple. 

This whole topic of giving an experience to others. Since this morning I have been thinking that being in the body, the presence of that personality, why someone will look at me with any body consciousness, thought or feeling. I remember when as a young girl about 16, I would be given directions to go for a talk and return late at night alone and at that time it’s not like we had cars or anything. Didi Manmohini used to say just cover your head and think I am a world mother, I am ShivShakti, keep chanting that. Baba used to say come to Madhuban, so I would take the night train and reach in the morning, no first class, no reservation, you just go, occupy a seat in a corner, and keep practicing, “I am a world mother”, and you reach safely, nobody even looks at you. I change the vibration of my body, and that is where you know wherever you go the respect you get is not only for the soul, they respect the whole being. I have been thinking how much people respect us, and not only the soul they don’t know about soul, but they respect the whole being, because the whole being is, as Baba says, pure. We are becoming worship worthy where even the body will be worshiped in the temples as the idols will be place there. A lot reflection has been going on and I just want to bring it to your attention, don't discard the body, don’t ignore it. More you look at the body as your image of angel. Baba walked in a kitchen and you would have to turn around, because of his angelic presence. Whatever he did was something, even when he ate, Baba  slowly would take some food and eat. He ate what he liked, it’s not that he didn’t, it was very simple food. At 7 in the evening, after meditation Baba generally ate, so Lachudadi will bring a little coal stove and she will make chapati. Baba used to like moong daal, a very particular kind. Baba would eat daal, roti, not two subzis, especially at night time. I am just giving an example of respecting your own body, the way you eat. Dadi Janki had a formula: eat everything, but eat little. Sugar, don’t eat it completely, salt, everything, eat a little. Baba had a style of living. Every morning in Bombay he would walk by marine drive, it’s a sea site. When Baba came, he used to stay in a bungalow there and people would see him walking and turn around to see who that was. Baba used to invite us to stay with him in Bombay when I was very new. He will say, “Oh when you have holidays just come, stay with me.” We used to see everyone turn around like, “ohh that one is different, let me look again”.  I think that body consciousness, ego of body is different but five elements has given us a gift, how can we recognize or how can be our features, our everything is on the body right, not on the soul, but then Baba definitely say that face is the index of mind or sometimes It’s the feature and the nature of the soul emerges based on the virtues, Baba also gives us some indications about body. So we have to love our body but also free from body consciousness, and that is what today if you listen carefully, Baba is telling us the method, how to do it so tomorrow whole day, our practice will be based on what avyakti signal is for tomorrow very beautiful so never forget that universe, five elements have given you a gift of body, keep it as a gift, properly and. Now body conscious means dresses of not that kind and making body very artificial including eyes and hands and nails, everything, not real, you have everything natural right. lot of people you know DadiJanki went to San Francisco to see one of our brother who had surgery open heart surgery and all the nurses were saying what kind of cream you use, because she is 80 plus and her face was sparkling so it was not cream right, it was her inner. So how to maintain our selves is also important right, one time she called one of she happen to my family member, why you are like this, what is your age, Dadi I am 17, only 17, look at you all, so see never, you know aging of body is a proses, you can’t get it stop, so I jokingly say look at me from up front, you know my portrait is good, I jokingly in the sense of may be there is little walking difficulties but 90 percent everything is very good, so respect your body still be free from body consciousness definitely from ego of the body, that ego is something which hurts body some way or other, this is you are creating our relationship with elements of all universe, the way you treat your body or the way you look at elements and bring back that also into your body. So it says remain constantly beyond body consciousness, you experience father Brahma as a walking, moving angel, without any body consciousness, while performing actions and speaking to others while giving directions, increasing their zeal enthusiasm he was detached from the body, and have the experience of the form of his subtle light. He did it, Shivbaba in Brahmababa then Brahmababa in his body, you know when Shivbaba came in Brahmababa the way He gave Dhristi was amazing, and I immediately knew and say my Father, I used to say yes brother father, BaapDad. So this is the time for all of us, month of January, we do whatever we do but internally, to be angelic walking in the dining room, doing karmayoga, cooking, whatever one is doing, do it in that angelic stage, I think you will really enjoy it, follow the father in the same way, and that is remain constantly beyond body consciousness let each one see your form of detachment, this is know as being angelic, while being in the body. So seems every word to be very subtle deep, everything becomes, real when we practice and experience even little bit of that, otherwise oh this is just in the intellect, whether you do it in the morning or before sleeping or tomorrow even whatever we are doing but attention inside should be on this effort.

Om Shanti.

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