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Remain beyond the body consciousness of “I” or “mine” #25

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_25 Mohini Didi November 25, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay? Keeping well? When we make good efforts we feel well. When our yoga, our effort, is a little bit down or light, then we are not very happy. Inner happiness comes from good efforts, self-progress, self-improvement, self-transformation. Today, Baba is talking about renunciation and fortune. Baba is also saying that there should be distaste or vairagya. So, someone was asking the difference between renunciation and distaste. What comes first, renunciation or distaste. When we come to Baba, when we get the knowledge that I am soul, I am eternal, body is the vehicle or instrument, the change of consciousness happens instantly. Not only do I look at or have the awareness of myself as a soul, but we start looking at everyone as a soul. So that the relationship is a soul-conscious relationship. Before, it was like ’I need this’, and kept changing from need to greed. We start accumulating, but I have a deep understanding of my karmas of Confluence Age. Creating my fortune depends on where I spend my time, what type of thoughts I have. So, I can create fortune by having elevated thoughts, because every thought has vibrations, and the atmosphere of the place depends on vibrations. So, when we have attention, we have positive thoughts, in a way we are even purifying the elements. The air, you take in and out in those positive vibrations, body, five elements. So, everything will be purified.

Disinterest is that I shouldn’t have attachment, possession, you use everything but in a worthwhile way. So, renunciation and distaste. Then there is another way, Baba explains to us a lot to close the doors of “I and mine” because they are the doors of Maya, and Maya likes to play with Baba’s children. We don’t realize that this is Maya. So, that is why good effort really means beyond the consciousness of “I and mine”. How many times do we remember that it’s Baba who is Karankaravanhaar? It’s Baba who is getting it done, everything belongs to Baba, and Baba is watching us while taking care of the yagya. How much “I and mine” is there?. Externally it’s not visible, everyone is busy, doing karma yoga, taking care of their body, yagya, everything. The attention generally might not go on to how much I am a trustee, but if you are a good effort maker, our aim is ultimately to go beyond body-consciousness, live as a trustee, so Baba becomes responsible for us. So, it's very beautiful when Baba is saying, Baba’s direction is to consider your body, your mind, wealth, and relationships given to us by Baba. They belong to Baba, so I should be using everything of course, you will use the mind, but not to have wasteful thoughts. Baba says to have good wishes. All the time, you think about elevated thoughts, positive thoughts. So, Baba is saying whatever thought you have should be positive. Positive thoughts will have good qualities. So, Baba is saying that those positive thoughts should be filled with good wishes, because everyone has to be well around us. So, I cannot only think of myself. I remember that whenever I visit our doctors or clinic, they say, “Oh pray for me, pray for us.” I said, “I have to, because if you all are not well, then who will take care of us?” If your doctor is not well, he can’t treat you. They were so happy that it’s true. We have to think of good wishes for everyone. Even if one is not well, things won’t work out because the influence, the vibrations of that one person, will affect everything. That is why good wishes and love are important for everyone. Whatever they are, and whatever they do, but still we have to have good wishes for them.

Remain beyond the body-consciousness of I or mine, because these are the two doors through which Maya can enter. It has to be very subtle. Things cannot work out without this. I notice when we are here, the soul is in the body and does so many things, but as soon as the soul leaves the body, things still continue. After a few days you realize that even if that person is not here, things are still going on. On one side it’s so important for that soul’s part, but then everything also continues. Even if that part is not there then someone else plays that part. Recently, that’s what I experienced. So, have self-respect, be happy that you are able to do this, but never have this thought about who will do it if I don’t? In the lokik world, or business, replacement might be difficult, but in Baba’s task, it takes just one day. Not only is the replacement there, but that change could also be very beneficial. So, even the subtle ego, it cannot work without me. Who will do it if I am not here? Baba is saying that this is body-consciousness, because body-consciousness could be gross, in a very physical way, but also very subtle. So, we have to check at both levels. No body-consciousness at gross level, which creates vices, but also in a subtle way, a lot of attention that there is no I and mine. I am just a trustee.

So, Baba says that thoughts, time and breath are invaluable treasures of Brahmin life. It is in this birth that Baba says you can earn many times. You can have ten out of one. So, a big fortune can be created, and that is why Baba says that we should not waste it. Such obedient children receive blessings from Mother and Father. So, one is whatever we do, our efforts, and the other is a lot of times it happens, Baba makes it happen, they are the blessings. Whether it is, sometimes for your own self, you find a lot of transformation. Yes, it could be your own effort, but also Baba’s blessings, because blessings work in a very subtle way. Like to start feeling, internally very light, could be Baba’s blessings. You start finding that in everything you do, there is success, Baba’s blessings. So, as Baba said today, it is important to have the first step of courage and Baba will help with the second step. So, we have to make efforts, but always remember it’s Baba. You have to remember, because that is where invocation happens. It’s not that Baba will just do it. You have to invite Baba. You have to tell Baba, Baba come, let us do it together. Remembrance is important. If I don’t remember and say that Baba will do it, why will Baba do it? So, it’s very subtle, and that could come through soul-consciousness. Just simply create more awareness of you as a soul, you as immortal, you as Baba’s child. So, subtly creating soul consciousness will bring a lot of blessings from Baba. Otherwise, how do we receive blessings? One of the conditions, Baba said, is that you have to be obedient. It is only when you are obedient that you receive Baba’s blessings. Our main practice and our final destination for this stage is the stage of soul-consciousness. So, continue to have practice of soul-consciousness and renunciation of body-consciousness.

Om Shanti

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